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Why In-House Booking Matters for Overseas Car Shipping

When Shipping Cars Overseas - Book with Care

When shipping cars overseas the journey from door to door is potentially fraught with many logistical issues. Any miscommunication or mishap along the way can result in needless worry and expensive delays. It therefore becomes important to discuss booking and follow-up procedures when selecting a reliable international car shipping company.

The vast majority of international car shipping companies book a transaction with a customer and then contract out other key services to third parties. Unlike other companies, West Coast Chipping (WCS) has elected to not only do the booking but also assume responsibility for other important functions throughout the shipping journey. There are many reasons why WCS has elected to to make this management decision including:

1.   Avoid or lessen chances of bureaucratic entanglements -  there are many points along any car shipping journey where misunderstandings can occur such as customs, scheduling and cargo transfers. WCS has created strong international partnerships with agents and service providers at ports around the globe. As partners they take care to make certain that WCS's loads are handled properly.

2.   Save customers money - because there are many parties along the way, if anything does go wrong the customer can easily incur additional costs as attempts are made to correct the situation.

3.   Spare customers from the blame game -  with multiple third party involvement in a single transaction, customers are spared hearing about how "the other guy" screwed up. WCS's reliable agents and partners prevent this from occurring.

4.   Protect your investment - the majority of car shipping companies hire 3rd parties for loading vehicles into containers. For nearly a decade, WCS has been working consistently with our own team of professionally trained loaders. Our team understands the importance of protecting classic cars and knows how to properly secure them so they don't get damaged while at sea.  

5.   Provide customers with benefits derived from WCS's strong carrier relationships - due to WCS's large volume and consistent bookings, the company is able to work directly with the major ocean carriers. In the event that something does run amiss, the carriers are highly motivated to resolve things quickly in order to maintain WCS's business.

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