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Port Congestion & Shipping Updates

With many port employees and truck drivers out sick due to Covid, congestion remains a significant problem at all US ports, causing further supply chain disruptions worldwide. Shortages of empty containers, chassis, space on vessels, delayed ships, and changes in service routing, all create new problems for our team to solve daily. The Port of Los Angeles now has over 100 ships waiting for their turn to berth. While Oakland, NY/NJ, Florida, and Houston have become more congested as well.

Vessels which used to depart within 1-2 days from their original schedule, now depart 1-3 weeks later. As departure dates slip further, cargo continues to pile up at the shipping yards. Shipping companies already bear the burden of storing unshipped vehicles and storing loaded containers before the ports can accept them.

Many shippers have ran out of space and stopped accepting any new vehicles for shipping. Due to our warehouse size and efficient operations, we continue to accept vehicles at our facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida. But we are getting close to our limit.

To ensure that all of our customers' vehicles continue to depart, we must make a few immediate changes in order to avoid running out of storage space.

1. We No Longer Accept Vehicles Without Titles

Effective immediately, we will only accept vehicles at our facilities if they arrive with a title, or have been approved by your account manager to have sufficient documentation for export. If you purchased a vehicle without a title, we are unable to accept the car until the title arrives.

Cars or motorcycles without titles take up much needed space for customers who have vehicles ready to ship.

Vehicles delivered without titles will be turned away. If you are unsure whether or not you have enough documentation for export, please contact your dedicated account manager and they will be able to let you know if you are ready to ship.

If you are using our service to arrange pickup, our driver will only pickup the vehicle if a title is given to him with the vehicle. If the title is mailed to our office, we will wait until it is physically received before arranging pickup. If the drivers shows up at the pickup location and the title is not readily available, a dry-run fee will be applicable.

2. 15 Free Days of Storage, $10/day After

Effective immediately, we will limit free storage in all of our facilities to 15 days. The time starts running the moment the vehicle arrives at our shipping facility. We stop counting storage time the day that we receive all necessary documentation for export and the customer provides the load plan. Additional time is at $10/day for cars, $5/day for motorcycles, and $2/day for pallets.

This does not apply to customers shipping cars in shared containers with titles on hand. By shipping in a shared container, you avoid storage charges while receiving your vehicles faster with weekly load plans to most destinations.

If you are shipping a full container, please make sure you have the titles and your vehicles fit in a single container.