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Rate Reduction to Auckland & Market Update

We have 2 important updates for you:

1. Car Values In The US Are Dropping

Now is a great time to buy a car from the US, as we are seeing more cars come down in price. Check out some of the recent deals below.

bel air

1957 Bel Air Convertible 35

Fully restored, 283 V8, 9k miles.

Sold for $80,000


1963 Corvair Monza Coupe

Solid red-on-red driver.

Sold for $7,600


1984 Bronco II XLT

B2 model with tasteful modifications.

Sold for $13,500


1967 Mustang Project

289-powered project with a solid green/beige interior.

Sold for $10,750

Find your next classic using one of our recommended sites here.

2. NJ/Miami to New Zealand Rate Reduction

From New Jersey & Florida

We have great news for Kiwi's looking at cars on the East Coast of the USA. 

Rates from Miami and New Jersey to Auckland, New Zealand will be reduced as follows:

  • $1800 price reduction per container or $600 per car reduction to Auckland on containers loaded on May 1st and later.

From California

It's a good time to ship vehicles from the US, as we've recently lowered shipping rates to Australia & New Zealand from California.

Get an instant rate with collection from any US location using our shipping calculator.

Stress Free Car Buying Abroad

We can help reduce the financial risk when purchasing cars abroad, by using our escrow service. We can act on your behalf to purchase the vehicle, and will only pay the seller on the physical site, and matching of the original title and the VIN on the vehicle. Download our Escrow Guide here

End of Fumigation season

The Brown marmorated stink bug season of 2022-23 will come to an end on the April 30th. This will mean that for departures from the May 1st and onward, fumigation will not be required. This will represent a further saving of around $300 USD for departures from May 1st.

Happy buying & shipping!