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Seasonal Variations in Ground Shipping Cars Domestically

Seasonal Variations in Ground Shipping Cars Domestically

The shipping industry, like many others, is subject to seasonal changes in costs, and as the seasons change, the shipping industry changes along with them. You might have noticed that prices for East Coast car transportation fluctuate during the Spring and Autumn months. The simple explanation as to why this happens in the ground transportation business is that once Spring comes around, the “snow-birds,” begin migrating from states such as Florida and Georgia. Due to favorable weather, car transporters that do migrate get to enjoy a revitalized market, with a larger number of vehicles available for shipment. 

seasonal Ground Shipping Cars

Vehicle Transport Costs

While this provides easier access to vehicle transporters in the North, vehicle transport costs in the South end up suffering. With a small number of carriers left to compete for a wide range of shipments, they are able to charge a premium price, and you may see quotes for shipping go up. For example, the recent spike in prices for moving cars out of Florida has resulted in some carriers charging more than 50% their usual rate. Keep in mind that overall, late Spring and Summer months are considered busy seasons in transportation, so prices change and pick up time frames are longer.

Fortunately, prices tend to even out towards October once the transporters move back South for the winter. 

West Coast Shipping strives to provide the most competitive vehicle shipping price possible for all of our Car Transportation services. Bottom line is, we want our customer to understand that the transportation market is always shifting due to the seasons and the market demand.

We, like the rest of international car shippers are also affected by seasonal price fluctuations. West Coast Shipping uses ground transportation to consolidate car shipments from across the United States. We use these carriers to bring customer’s cars, boats, motorcycles and heavy equipment to our warehouse.

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International Car Shipping Rates Quote

We will always do our best to get the most competitive shipping and transport rates for our customers, but we have to pay the current market price in order for cars to get picked up in a timely manner.

Please contact us today for a quote on shipping your vehicle; we are here to help!