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Ground Transportation and International Car Shipping

At West Coast Shipping, we not only provide international car shipping but ground transportation as well. You no longer have to worry about transportation to our warehouse. We can arrange delivery of any car, motorcycle or boat to one of our storage and loading facilities. We offer enclosed and open transportation. Just let us know where to pick it up.

Our network of trusted transporters is held to the highest standards. We only work with drivers that hold 100% positive ratings and have previous experience in transporting classic cars. All of our partners are licensed and insured against damage during ground transportation.

international car shipping

Unlike our competitors, we aim to prevent any possibility of damage. We do not use forklifts to load and unload classic cars. We inspect and photograph vehicles at every step of the journey. Our storage facilities are secured 24/7 with motion and video monitoring. We value each vehicle as if it was our own.

international car shipping


You can get an instant quote on international car shipping using our shipping calculator. It will give you the cost of ground transportation, international shipping and the transit times. Try it for yourself.