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Shipping a car overseas? Bill of sale is a MUST!

International Car Shipping Bill of Sale

Why is a bill of sale required to ship a car overseas?

According to US customs, a vehicle title is not sufficient enough to prove ownership. If the original seller never provided a bill of sale, he has the ability to report it lost and proceed to keep the car along with the money.

A bill of sale is require for the following:

  • car shipping company
  • US customs
  • overseas customs
  • local authorities, such as the DMV

While certain countries may not require a title but without it you are exposed to extra risk when exporting your car overseas. We require a bill of sale to protect the customer and to get the vehicle shipped on time.

The bill of sale has to list the car that was purchased and must be signed by both the seller and buyer.

If you are missing a bill of sale to your vehicle, you can find a template online.

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