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Simplify! Choose a "One Stop Shop" When Shipping Cars Overseas

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

As an auto broker or dealer involved in shipping cars internationally, you know that the "check list" of things that need to be done - and done correctly - can seem long and tedious. Every step from transporting a vehicle from your lot to the port of departure to smoothly arriving at your destination, represents a point in the journey where something can go wrong. Encountering problems can cause delays and delays can be costly. To reduce the chances of error when accepting purchases from overseas buyers, we recommend choosing a shipper that can proficiently handle every detail of a journey from beginning to end.

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How to Shop for an A to Z Shipper

When selecting an "end to end" complete service provider like West Coast Shipping (WCS) it helps to know the following: 

Transport to Port of Departure - Will the company be able to arrange efficient, cost effective ground transport to their port facilities? 

Storage and Warehousing - Does the company provide safe and secure warehousing if your vehicle(s) need to be stored before being loaded? For instance, WCS provides clean and secure indoor storage at it's Oakland port facility.

Proper Loading and Offloading - How are vehicles handled? While WCS uses it's own properly trained personnel to load and unload, many companies hire laborers on a much less professional, ad hoc basis.

Documentation - Who is responsible for tracing and authenticating the chain of ownership for vehicle(s)? If there are liens against a vehicle(s) who takes care of handling the lien release letter? What happens if a vehicle(s) is being shipped under power of attorney? A reliable shipper like WCS is set up to resolve any documentation issues, including customs, throughout each leg of the trip.

Difficult Destinations - What happens if your vehicle(s) need to be unloaded and reloaded to complete the entire voyage? Who assumes accountability if the container seal is broken? Responsible, high quality shipping companies like WCS use seals that can be traced if opened and employ their own on the ground personnel to handle complex logistics.

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Cargo Damage Protection - Is the amount of protection offered by the shipper commensurate with the value of your vehicle(s)? A reliable shipper like WCS offers optional cargo damage protection for your valuable cargo. 

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Choose a reliable "one stop shop" shipping company like WCS and they will safely and uneventfully take your car(s) around the world.


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