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UK vehicle tax on Classic Cars


When importing classic cars to the United Kingdom from the USA you are faced with a number of regulations, documentation requirements, and taxes. But besides everything required to get your car shipped to the UK, you also need to be able to legally drive it on the road. This is where the vehicle tax comes into question.

Lucky for you, the UK vehicle tax charged on classic cars is fairly simple. The vehicle tax is based on CO2 emissions and fuel type. You can find exact tax rate tables here.

If your vehicle was originally registered on or after January 8th, 1976 you must pay vehicle tax and pay MOT.

If registered between January 1st, 1960 to January 7th ,1976, no vehicle tax has to be paid, you can get away with only an MOT.

And if your vehicle was registered before January 1st, 1960 no MOT or vehicle tax has to be paid at all.

For more details, or if you have any questions regarding the UK classic car tax code check out the official UK government website.