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Update on Car Shipping to Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

We are excited to reintroduce our car shipping service from California to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. With routing through Qingdao, China by railroad, your cars never leave the containers they were loaded in until they arrive to Almaty or Bishkek - ensuring safe passage via the ancient silk road route.

Latest Rates & Transit Times

The latest rates can be found below and are based on 4 vehicles in a 45ft container. Once the container arrives in Bishkek or Almaty and is unloaded, the container becomes the property of consignee at destination.

cost and time

Real Time Cost for Ground Transport 

from Any US Location

  • Get real time rates from anywhere in the US for open and enclosed transport to our export facilities at any time instantly on wcshipping.com
  • Rates on open and enclosed transport from any dealership, auction, or US location - all it takes is a zip code and port of departure.
  • We use a network of trusted, licensed, and insured transporters.
  • No need to wait for rate confirmations, get the rate and save it for 30 days right away.

30 Day Free Storage At Our Warehouses

  • We have loaded a record number of cars and now have additional space at our facilities in California, New Jersey, and Florida. We offer 30-days of free storage for all vehicles.

  • $10/day for cars stored over 30 days, and $5/day for motorcycles stored for over 30 days.

  • Storage does not apply to cars shipped LCL (single car in a consolidated container). The storage fee stops accumulating when all of your cars and documents are ready for shipping. The time it takes for us to load and return the container will never cost you anything extra.

  • With the congestion cleared, we are once again accepting cars even if the titles are not ready.