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Viper ACR export to Germany from the USA


There's little that scares one more than driving a first generation Dodge Viper. With a Lamborghini designed 400hp V10 throwing you across time and space, all you can do is hold on to the steering wheel. With the most recent iteration of the 2017 Viper ACR edition, Dodge has stepped up their game.


Despite having an 8.4L 645lb V10, the newest Viper ACR won't threaten to kill you at every turn. This model has enough aerodynamics installed to give it an extra 800kgs of downforce at top speed, allowing you go into turns at speeds only seen in track-cars.

It's no surprise that overseas demand for Vipers continues to grow. We shipped this gorgeous 2017 Viper ACR from San Francisco to Bremerhaven using our weekly container service.