Car Shipping from the US to Germany

Ship your cars overseas with the reliable car shipper.

We ship thousands of cars from the US to Germany each year. Whether you are moving to Germany, buying a vehicle from the US or relocating your POV, we can help with US Car Import to Germany!

We pick up cars from anywhere in the US, clear US customs, and ship cars overseas. You have the option of shipping your car in a container via ocean freight, Roll-on/Roll-off or Air Freight. When shipping to Germany in a container, the cheapest destination port is Bremerhaven. From there, we can arrange transport of your vehicle to any Germany city, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne.

Cost of Car Shipping to Germany

The cost to ship a car from the USA to Germany in a container is around $900 to $1,300.

To get the current rate simply use our car shipping calculator.

It takes around 12 days to ship your car from New York to Germany, and 30 days to ship from California to Germany.

You can also get a quote on shipping via Air Freight or Roll on/Roll off.

Car Shipping to Germany

Client from C.; 10/24/2016 star0star1star2star3star4
"The good thing about WCS is that, they don't outsource their loading to any company. Professional loading is one of their expertise. They did it well when I asked them to ship my car from Arkansas to Germany. So far, it was a cool experience" - review.

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German Car Import Tax and Duties

As of 2016, the import duty on cars is 10% plus 19% VAT. When importing classic cars over 30 years old to Germany the import duty is just 7%. If you are moving to Germany you can avoid paying the import duties on your car entirely, find out more.

Germany is one of the largest importers of classic cars from the United States. However, many customers choose not to ship classic cars to Germany because of the more expensive import rate. You can save on import duties by importing your classic cars to the Netherlands which charges 6% or the UK which charges only 5.5%. Since the countries are all a part of the European Union, you are free to transport your classic to Germany without having to pay import duties again.

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Unlike other international car shipping companies, we do not outsource our loading to others. We do everything from documentation to loading your vehicle in-house, using our own employees with decades of experience.

Don’t want to ship your car in a container? We also offer car shipping services to Germany via Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) service. However not all ports around the world accept RoRo ships, and since the vehicle has to be driven on and off the ship, nearly all classic car shippers choose to ship in a secure container instead.

Shipping your car via Air Freight to Germany will be more expensive than other methods of shipping. Prices can range anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the season, flight route and most importantly vehicle size. When shipping cars by air cargo, the price is calculated by the volume the vehicle takes up in the container.

No matter what car shipping service you choose, all require you to have the original title for the vehicle. The only exceptions are if a vehicle is over a certain age and the state where it was registered did not issue titles. For example, Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont do not issue titles for older vehicles. Find out which documents are required when exporting a car from the US to Germany.

Have questions about insurance for your car shipment? Look here.

Car Import to Germany

Our goal is to make the import of US cars to Germany as simple as clicking a button. We provide a full car import service which includes purchasing the car via escrow in the US, collecting the vehicle, loading the cars into a container, then shipping by ocean, air or roro, and delivering the car to your door in Germany. We are not a car shipping broker - we employ our own loaders, own our own warehouse and work directly with the ocean carriers to ship your cars to Germany.

Using our online car shipping to Germany calculator, you will get the most competative rates on vehicle transport and international shipping. We import cars, motorcycles, boats, and auto parts to Germany from the USA. We collect your vehicle from any location in the USA, and ship to Germany from both US coasts.

The most popular method of importing a car to German from the USA is in a shipping container. Our expert shipping team loads your cars, motorcycles, boats, auto parts and household goods into a container from either California or New Jersey. The containers are then shipped to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany. Transit time from the West Coast is 30 days, and from the East Coast shipping takes 12 days.

We specialize in classic cars and utilize specialty loading methods to ensure no part of your car is scratched or damaged during shipping. Every step of the loading process has been meticulously tested to ensure the car arrives overseas in the same condition it departed in.

Take a look at this page to find our more about sourcing a car in the US, buying it and having it imported from the USA to Germany.

1. Find a car for sale in the US

The United States holds one of the largest inventories of classic cars in the world. On the West Coast you can find classic cars in pristine condition and at a great price. We work with private buyers and international auto traders to help locate and purchase vehicles from all over the USA. No matter where you buy your car in the USA, we can collect it!

Here is a list of places to find US classic cars.

2. Vehicle inspection

Pre-purchase car inspections can be requested through a 3rd party inspection company. They will be able to provide inspection on all mechanics, provide detailed photos, and a checklist of issues.

3. Buy the car from the US

When conducting an international vehicle sale, both buyers and sellers can be hesitant to transfer funds for vehicles they have yet to see in person. We can be the party in the middle which can facilitate the sale upon seeing and collecting the vehicle. We arrive to pickup the vehicle and pay the seller. Contact us today to get a quote on our escrow service.

4. Collect the car

Vehicles, including classic cars, exotics, motorcycles and boats can can all be collected from any US location. We utilize a network of trusted ground transporters who move your vehicles in enclosed or open transporters. Our transporters are fully insured and bonded.

5. Ship the car to Germany

The process of importing a car to Germany from the USA requires safe voyage across the Atlantic. Your auto importer will have your cars loaded into a container for shipping to Germany. Shipping your car in a container will give you the option of also shipping other goods, like auto parts or household goods, in the same container. You can fit up to 3 VW buses in a single 45 ft container, or up to 4 cars in a standard 40ft container. You can also ship a single car via the consolidated shipping option, or in a dedicated 20ft container.

There are other ways of importing your car to Germany, some cheaper and some more expensive. You can ship a run & drive car to Germany from the USA via the Roll-on/Roll-off shipping service. RoRo ships depart to Germany on a weekly schedule.

Shipping a car to Germany on an airplane via the air freight service will be the quickest and most expensive method of shipping. Your car will be driven into the plane's cargo hold, or you can have your car protected in a crate.

6. Accept the car in Germany

After your vehicle is shipped to Germany, it will take anywhere from 12 to 30 days to arrive in Germany (depending on where in the US it was shipped from). The agent in Germany will be responsible for clearing import customs, collecting the container from the port of Bremerhaven, and taking it to their location for unloading. After your vehicle is unloaded, your agent will prepare the vehicle for you. Car import agents can also deliver the vehicles right to your door. You always have the option of collecting the container from the port yourself, as long as you notify us to place you as the receiving party in Germany. You will then be able to collect the container and take it to your location for unloading.

Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.