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We Visit Pomona Swap Meet

The Pomona Swap Meet is a magical place, swarming with classic cars, parts, retro memorabilia, and 25,000 attendees eager to make a deal. Its as if a bazaar takes over the Fairplex of Pomona, California. Carts overflowing with parts are dragged around. Buyers and sellers are haggling for every dollar. You cannot imagine it to be a pleasant experience in 90 degree heat. But as soon as the engines turn over, everyone takes a step back and smile as they see hundreds of classic cars roll down the main strip.



Aircooled VWs, Porsches, lowriders, hotrods, muscle cars, pickup trucks - nearly every kind of classic car is in attendance. Some cars are in their original condition, while others are customized to the extreme. Every car is accepted. It is the event desperately needed at a time when the classic car market is being flooded investors who are losing sight of what it is all about; the classic cars and the diverse buyers they attract from around the world.


After attending Pomona Swap Meet last weekend, we believe all car enthusiast should attend the Pomona Swap Meet at least once.