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Kyrgyzstan Car Shippers: Track Your Cars Online

Shipping cars overseas to Kyrgyzstan has just been simplified with our introduction of Online Tracking. Our customers are now able to see detailed information on their shipments when they need it. 

You can access the feature here: Track Overseas Car Shipping

A few tips on how to use online tracking:

  1. Disable your browsers popup blocker as it keeps the tracking window from opening
  2. After the tracking page opens click on Go To Warehouse Receipt 
  3. Once you are viewing the Warehouse Receipt, click on the HBOLXXXXXXXX link in the middle of the page

You will now be able to see the following information:

  • when the car has arrived to our warehouse
  • pictures of the car after it has been received at our warehouse (bottom of the page under Attachments)
  • view & print your shipping documents
  • the container # your vehicle is located in
  • vessel departure date
  • ship arrival date overseas
  • railway departure date
  • estimated time of arrival to Bishkek

Contact us via email if you experience any issues.

West Coast Shipping offer the best advice and tips on how to get cars to Kyrgyzstan.

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