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VW Buses and Shipping Classic Cars Overseas

In Brazil they call it a Kombi. In Germany, it was known as the Bulli while in the USA it assumed the moniker of Hippie Van.

They have also been referred to campers, delivery vans, micro-busses, pick-ups and transporters. Call it whatever you like but the VW Bus has attained an iconic status in a class of its own. Go to Amazon and you’ll find scores of books telling its history, showcasing redesigned interiors and illustrating the thousands of creative paint jobs that have graced its panels. After more than a half-century of production in Brazil, the assembly lines for this venerated vehicle have now come to a stop. Throughout the world, used VW buses have always been a consumer favorite. Now, with this change in supply, West Coast Shipping finds ever growing demand for shipping classic cars overseas.  


Sourcing VW Buses

Where are used VW busses sourced for shipping VW buses internationally? The secondary market for VW buses in the USA is strongest in the western states for the simple reason that they tend to be the least rusted. Rust is one of the greatest concerns for VW bus buyers, typically more critical than mechanical or technical issues.

Is there sufficient supply of VW buses to ship overseas? To date, more than 10 million VW buses have been built. The combination of extreme durability and consumer dedication to keep them running has kept an unexpected number of these classic cars on the road. Prices range from the low thousands, where buyers expect to add time and expense reconditioning the vehicle, to the extreme high end of the scale. For instance, in a recent ad, a well known classic car dealer is offering a fully revamped, classic VW Bus for over $140,000.

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Are there logistical problems when shipping cars and vw buses internationally? There can be some concern as only 2 busses will fit into a 40 foot container while only 3 will conform to a 45 foot unit. Few ocean carriers offer 45 foot containers to certain destinations such as the United Kingdom where demand is keen. A reliable international shipping company like WCS can consolidate VW Bus cargo because they have weekly schedules already in place. A reliable shipper will also assist exporters with transporting cargo from their lot to the port of departure.

Which UK ports handle VW bus cargo? West Coast Shipping offers reliable car shipping to many international ports including both Southampton and Felixstowe in the UK. Most shipping companies, including West Coast Shipping, have expert Customs Agents that work with exporters to sail smoothly through the customs process.    

For more information on all things classic car related, check out our Classic Car Resource Handbook. And as always, contact us anytime to discuss shipping your vehicle to any destination worldwide and to obtain an instant international car shipping quote.