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How dangerous storms & tornadoes delay car shipping from the USA

Picking up your cars in the United States is an extremely important part of the car export process. We rely on a network of highly experienced car carriers to transport your vehicles within the US. By working with carriers directly, we can select the highest rated drivers in the area and hire them to collect your cars for a reasonable rate. These are highly rated drivers experienced in handling collector cars of any age or condition.

Despite working with the best car carriers in the industry, there are a number of ways pickup delays can occur:

  • Dangerous Weather
    • Storms, heavy rains, flooding, and tornadoes are causing pickup delays across Southern and Eastern US states. There have been a record of 954 tornadoes in the US this year alone.
  • Snow Birds
  • Shortage of Drivers
    • According to NPR, there remains a shortage of 60,000 truck drivers which makes it more difficult to find a dependable driver for a low price.
  • Higher Diesel Prices 
    • Diesel PricesDiesel prices have went up in some areas by over $1 per gallon due to increased taxes resulting in most drivers demanding higher pay.
  • Increasing Road Tolls
    • Road, bridge, and tunnel tolls have increased throughout most parts of the US, including major cities. For example, the toll for the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in New York City has gone up to $118.48 for a 6-car tractor-trailer

Despite any ongoing storms and more expensive fuel, we are not raising your rates on ground transport within the US. If you do have a car that's caught in a storm, it may take more money to convince a driver to collect it quickly.