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Why Now Is A Great Time To Sell Your Cars In The US

We are seeing an explosion in the number of higher-end cars imported to the US. Buyers like yourself are taking advantage of the favorable USD to EUR/GBP exchange rates by buying and importing their cars from Europe. While demand for higher-end cars is booming, the market remains relatively strong for the more affordable entry level to mid range collector cars.

EUR to USD Exchange Rate Since 2021

exchange rate-1

What's Required For Import

  • Vehicles must be 25-years or older with the original engine and drivetrain -OR- a vehicle originally from the US returning back to the US.
  • Original vehicle title/Fahrzeugbrief/V5 or another form of title valid in the country of origin is required.

How Can I Buy From Europe?

How Do I Get The Car Home?

  • We provide secure door to door service from the seller in Europe to your door in the United States.
  • We have space and weekly shared container service from Europe to our warehouses in California and New Jersey.

Where Can I Sell My Cars In the US?

With access to the European market and door to door service, we hope we can help you find your next dream car.