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5 Tips To Consider When Buying Cars in 2023

The start of a new year is always an exciting time to think about what may be possible in the next 12 months.   While the old favourites of eating better, and working out more are no doubt on the list,  buying your first classic car or finally selling off your existing car and importing your latest dream vehicle may be high on your list!
With the right planning it is possible to have your classic car in your garage sooner than you think.  
The 5 following points may help you to minimise the risk and save some money.
1 - Where to find a vehicle . Researching the numerous sites that advertise classic cars has become normal for people outside of the US wanting to buy a car .  There are numerous sites as to where to find a classic car if you are sitting at home.   See our comprehensive starting point https://www.wcshipping.com/blog/us-classic-cars-for-sale
2 - Be vigilant about what could be a scam .  Although the vast majority of advertisements online are legitimate, there are scams around.  
The first rule of thumb is , if a deal is too good to be true , then it often is.
Secondly , if the seller is not being transparent about what documents they have or that it is being handled by a third party agent at a different location then be wary!
We have seen many types of scams so if you think something is a bit fishy contact us to get our opinion.
3 - Safe and secure payment - West Coast Shipping offers more than just shipping services.   A popular service is our escrow service where buyers can be guaranteed that their money is safe, removing the risk from the transaction
Please see the link for more information - ** can we add link to our escrow booklet
4 - Cargo damage protection   - to add peace of mind to your move your vehicle can be protected for the shipping.  Shipping without optional cargo damage protection can cause complications when dealing with shipping lines if something were to go wrong.
West Coast Shipping offers extremely competitive rates on cargo damage protection so that you can best rest assured your investment is fully protected.
5 - Save some money -  When making large overseas transactions the banks do not do not provide the best rates and often come with high fees. In 2023 there are reliable and transparent platforms that exist to make international transfers less stressful and better value for money. 
An example is www.wise.com
Buying a car doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience . Please feel free to talk to us about how we can make the process simpler for you