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Car Import Duties Slashed And Electric Vehicles Exempt From Import Duties In Kyrgyzstan

Beginning this month, the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan will once again welcome the import of cars from the USA. Kyrgyzstan will remove all customs duties and import taxes on electric cars, and cut duties and taxes on gas-powered and hybrid vehicles.

Tax rate on cars imported to Kyrgyzstan as of July, 2018:

Vehicle Age Gas & Diesel up to 3,000 cc Gas & Diesel over 3,000 cc Hybrid Cars Electric Cars
1 year old  $1.4 per 1 cc  $2.1  $0.5  0
2  $1.3  $2.0  $0.5  0
3  $1.2  $1.8  $0.5  0
4  $1.1  $1.7  $0.5  0
5  $1  $1.5  $0.6  0
6  $0.9  $1.4  $0.6  0
7  $0.8  $1.2  $0.6  0
8  $0.7  $1.1  $0.6  0
9  $0.6  $0.9  $0.6  0
10  $0.5  $0.8  $1  0
11-12  $0.4  $0.6  $4  0
13  $6  $6  $6  0

The year before an import tax increase in 2015, Kyrgyzstan imported 111,527 vehicles from overseas. Buyers would purchase new and used vehicles from US dealers, Manheim, and ADESA auctions. Lexus, Toyota, and Mercedes vehicles were by far the most popular imports.

Then in 2015 Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian union with Russia, which increased import duties on cars significantly. Cars from the US became far more expensive to import for the average buyer, and the import market ground to a halt. Only 833 cars were imported to Kyrgyzstan in 2017.

Now with a lower import tax that's in effect until the end of 2019, we expect a surge of buyers to once again look to the US in search of their next car.

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