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Flat Rack Shipping to Australia & New Zealand

Flat Rack Cargo to AUS & NZ - $9,900 USD

We're excited to announce more affordable options for shipping Flat Rack Containers to Australia and New Zealand from Oakland. Exporting via a flat rack is a great way to get your larger campers, buses, boats, and trailers shipped overseas. Containers ship on a direct vessel, with a transit time of 25 to 35 days.

Transit Time of 25-35 Days On Direct Vessels

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A flat rack container is a shipping container, but without the side walls and roof. This allows for easier and faster loading from the side, while still allowing us to strap the cargo to the floor.

We offer Flat Rack Container shipping from Oakland to these ports:

  • Auckland
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Rates start at $9,900 for a flat rack on a direct vessel with a transit time of 25-35 days. The cargo must be in-gauge and within the following dimensions; 8ft wide/12ft high and 39ft in length.