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Florida's Largest Swap Meet & Car Show

I know the strong USD has been a problem for everyone, so it puts a smile on my face to see the EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD gain strength. Now there are more deals to be found on cars in the US. 

Currencies vs the USD:
EUR 1.03
GBP 1.18
AUD 0.67
NZD 0.61

What could be a better place to visit than Florida in the winter months? Endless beautiful beaches, +30°C weather, and many classic cars to be found.

The winter season opens with the Daytona Turkey Run next week, November 24-27th. With over 6,000 cars on display and available for sale, don't miss your next dream car. Please also visit our Florida office if you're in town.

Check out our list of the top car events and sales to attend this year.

What We Offer

Using our powerful online calculator, you get an instant shipping quote from any US zip code to major ports worldwide. Our tool also quotes optional cargo damage protection, open & enclosed transport, and provides estimates for destination charges, customs duties and door delivery to major cities. Best of all, by using our tool you can save your quote for the next 30 days.

Container Loading At Our Own Warehouses, With Our People

Vehicle and box acceptance at our own loading facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida. We also ship through a partner facility in Texas. 

$200 Ground Transport from Los Angeles to Oakland

We offer fast and reliable $200 ground transport for vehicles from Los Angeles to Oakland for export.

Open & Enclosed Transport From Any State

We work with a reliable network of car carriers who safely transport vehicles from any US state to our loading facilities.

30 Days of Free Storage

We continue to accept vehicles and offer 30 days of free storage at our shipping facilities in CA, NY & FL.

We are grateful to our customers for allowing us to move their precious cargo across the world, and we look forward to shipping more vehicles for you.