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Ford Falcon from the Rally of the Incas

A first generation Ford Falcon is always a welcome sight at West Coast Shipping. When the car was first released in 1960, it signaled a turning point within America's automotive industry. As Americans began to demand less cumbersome cars, manufacturers such as Ford began producing smaller cars. It made the Falcon a perfect choice for attending cross-country rallies around the world.


This Ford Falcon was outfitted to tackle any obstacles along the way. Driven by Marco Halter and Claudia Engelhardt, it came in 3rd during the Rally of the Incas held last year. The rally took nearly month to complete, and it took place in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Now the car finally made it back home after being imported to the USA from the finish line in Peru. We can't wait to ship it to its next rally.


The Ford Falcon, originally released in 1960, was a game-changer for the American automotive industry. As the demand for smaller, more efficient cars grew, the Falcon quickly became a popular choice for drivers looking for a reliable vehicle that could handle long distance rallies. Over the years, the Falcon has undergone numerous upgrades and improvements, making it an even more versatile and capable car.

The Falcon featured in this post is a prime example of the car's enduring popularity and versatility. Outfitted to tackle the toughest conditions, it has already proven itself on the Rally of the Incas, a grueling month-long race that took competitors through some of the most challenging terrain in South America. Driven by Marco Halter and Claudia Engelhardt, this Falcon came in third place overall, a testament to the car's durability and performance.

Despite its success in rallies and other races, the Falcon remains a beloved classic car that is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its sleek design, impressive handling, and reliable performance make it a true icon of American automotive history. Whether you're a rally driver, a classic car collector, or simply a fan of great cars, the Ford Falcon is a vehicle that is sure to impress and inspire.