Reliable Car Imports to the United States

There is no arguing that importing vehicles into the US is a complex task. From the strict import laws, customs and documentation requirements, consumers and businesses alike require guidance and support on car imports. Which is why West Coast Shipping strives to keep it simple and effortless for our customers.

Our Services For Car Imports

  • Clearing US customs
  • Trucking container from US ports
  • Unloading at one of our warehouses
  • Short-term & long-term storage
  • Delivery to anywhere in the US

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Import Under the 25 Year Law


Federal Restrictions

  • Vehicle must be over 25 years old
  • Original engine or EPA certified engine

State Restrictions Vary by State

  • Some require seat belts, headlights and certain emission standards.
  • For example, California requires vehicles manufactured after 1975 to be certified to operate in the state.

Import Under the Show & Display Law

G63 6x6 US import

The car has to meet the following criteria:

  • Production run didn’t surpass 500 examples
  • Never been offered for sale in the US
  • Must be out of production
  • Must not be a kit car or a replica

Even after getting it into the US, you have other laws to follow:

  • You are not allowed to sell the vehicle without the permission of the NHTSA
  • You are also not allowed to drive more than 2,500 miles per year.

A list of previously approved & dissaproved cars can be found here

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