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Japanese Classic from the USA

I have always wondered why Japanese classics never get the love they deserve. They are affordable to own and maintain, fun to drive, and they stand out from the sea of classic American cars in the US. I fell in love with this Mazda RX-2 coupe the moment I laid my eyes on it.


The Mazda RX-2's unique name in export markets was chosen to emphasize its high-performance, rotary engine. This engine was a significant technological advancement at the time of the car's release, and it gave the RX-2 an edge over other cars in its class. However, in Japan, the car was known as the Mazda Capella, a name that emphasized the vehicle's sophisticated, elegant styling and luxurious amenities. Despite the difference in names, both the Capella and RX-2 were highly respected and beloved by drivers around the world.

What made the car all the more special was it had the legendary Wankel 12A rotary engine under the bonnet, the first Japanese engine to finish the 24 hours of Le Mans. It was what makes these cars rare to see everyday. You won't currently find any listed on Hemmings.


Very few of these cars get exported from the USA overseas. In fact, during the last three months just 3 Mazda RX-2's were shipped overseas. One of these classic cars was shipped in a container to Australia, and the other two were shipped to New Zealand