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How to Find a Reliable International Shipping Company

When shipping cars overseas, preventing shipping delays is a top priority. We have put together this post on the steps you need to take on your end to make sure your car, boat, motorcycle or heavy equipment arrive on time.

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Important Details When Shipping Cars Internationally

First, make certain your paperwork is correct. Do you have the title for the vehicle being shipped? Does the name on the title match the person you are buying from? If its been resold several times, make sure it has all the different bill of sales to lead to you as the owner. This is an important step that will prevent your car or other vehicle from being delayed due to insufficient documentation. 

Make sure that as you prepare your car for shipping, you notify the shipping company about the condition of the vehicle and if there are any modifications. If the transporter is not aware of the condition, i.e. if the vehicle runs & drives, this can result in shipping delays. 

Understand that a delay might be caused due to sharing a container. The nature of consolidated container shipping means that the paperwork has to be turned in correctly and on time. It can result in a delay for everyone’s vehicles if the proper steps were not taken during preparation of the documents. Using a 20ft container just for your vehicle will ensure that its ready to go out the same week.

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Double check that the shipper has the correct contact information for the overseas receiver. If this information is incorrect, this will result in delays getting the vehicle unloaded at the destination.    

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