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International Restoration: 23-window VW bus

This is a 23-window VW Bus originally built in 1963. As you can see it is not in the best condition, but it is a promising restoration project in the right hands. The new owner in the UK is keen to see the 23-window bus restored to its former glory.23-window-vw-1.jpg

The bus was a barn find in one of the worst conditions we have seen. It was practically falling apart due to the severe rust. However, it made sense to fix it up and ship the VW bus to the UK due to the high value placed on fully restored 23-window buses.

Transporting a VW bus in this condition was no easy task. It was difficult loading it on and off a trailer during the transportation to our loading facilities. The bus could barely roll without falling apart, and using a fork lift directly on the bus was never an option.23-window-vw-5.jpg

So a custom frame was built underneath. With the bus mounted on top of a wooden frame, a forklift raised it on and off the classic car transporter. All doors and other loose parts were collected and strapped in for the journey to our warehouse in California.

The bus remains at our facilities until the new owner in the UK can source the necessary parts in the US. Then it will be placed on another frame, and loaded along with its parts into a shipping container. Then its off to a better life.

23-window VW buses are valuable and collectible for a number of reasons.

  • History: The 23-window VW bus was first introduced in 1950, and it was one of the first vans to be mass-produced. The 23-window VW bus quickly became popular, and it was used for a variety of purposes, including camping, road trips, and transporting goods.
  • Design: The 23-window VW bus is a classic design that is still popular today. The bus has a distinctive split-window windshield and a large cargo area. The 23-window VW bus is also known for its air-cooled engine, which gives it a unique sound.
  • Rarity: The 23-window VW bus was only produced for a short period of time, and as a result, it is now a very rare car. This rarity makes the 23-window VW bus even more desirable to collectors.
  • Collectability: The 23-window VW bus is a popular collectible car, and it is often featured in classic car magazines and shows. The bus is also a popular choice for restoration projects, and there are a number of companies that specialize in restoring 23-window VW buses.

As a result of these factors, 23-window VW buses are valuable and collectible cars. If you are looking for a classic car that is both stylish and unique, a 23-window VW bus is a great option.