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Shipping Cars Internationally to Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world as measured by landmass, spans 9 time zones and borders 14 adjacent countries. Its typography is diverse, ranging from jagged mountains to grain filled steppes. So too for climate, including everything from snow-packed Siberia to warm, balmy beaches on the Black Sea. Thoughts of Russia evoke the likes of Tolstoy, Prokofiev, Kandinsky and Baryshnikov, a rich panoply of classic artistic achievement. Yet Russia, like many of its neighboring states, continues to move forward into a modern industrial nation with improving infrastructure and a sustainable, consumer oriented, middle class. By all accounts, roads here can be challenging especially since drivers are known to freely express their emotions when things run amiss. Challenging or not, their existing fleets are aging while demand for imported brands is expected to show steady growth, providing opportunities for the US and other international car dealers.


Shipping Routes Into Russia

What are the options? Shipping cars internationally to Russia can be accomplished through several different passageways. There are multiple ports in the East, West and the Black Sea. Other alternatives include traveling via Finland or Latvia. A reliable shipping company like West Coast Shipping (WCS) can find the most efficient, least cost delivery choice. Shipments to St. Petersburg typically go through Kotka since it is close and avoids a difficult customs process a the city's own port.

Are there other available choices? When shipping cars to Russia via container, single or consolidated, there are several ports of entry including Kotka, Helsinki, Hamina, Riga, St. Petersburg for the west, and Korsakov, Vladivostok, Vostochny, and Novorossysk for points east. Consolidate Cargo When Shipping Cars Overseas

Shipping Cars to Russia via Container

How does a container shipment get delivered inland? If the final destination is inland, customers may be required to purchase the container given the difficulties of getting it back to port. For instance, containers may arrive to the closest port city, say Kotka, Klaipeda or Vladivostok on the east coast and then continue the journey by rail. The easiest way from here is to load the container directly onto a rail car.

What's the most economic solution? The most economic solution is to unload the container and reload the cars onto a car rail wagon since a container usually holds a maximum of 4 cars while a rail wagon can hold 10. The advantages to loading the container directly is that the cargo seal remains unbroken, the cars do not need to be operable and other items may be stored within the cars. However, this method rules out transporting salvaged or non-working vehicles. Riga and Klaipeda are the ports used for transferring cargo onto rail wagons. For more details see Shipping Cars Overseas to Asia and Central Asian States

Are there other methods to choose from? Cars may be shipped using Roll/On-Roll-Off (RO/RO) service using the ports of Kotka and St. Petersburg. This is typically the least expensive option but since cars are simply parked on the boat, they can be exposed to the elements and are at a higher risk of theft. For full explanation of RO/RO see Shipping Cars Overseas to the United Kingdom.

Shipping Cars from the the US to Russia

WCS is in a unique position to work with people shipping cars from the US to Russia as its principals are formerly from Kyrgyzstan, speak Russian as their first language, are familiar with Russian customs and other procedural matters and have strong agent/partner relationships throughout this part of the world. The company employs its own personnel to load and unload cargo, stores cars in secure warehouses and uses cameras and computer software to track shipments from start to finish.

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