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Latest On Rates & Service to Tema, Ghana

With over 100,000 cars imported each year, Ghana is one of the leading destination for cars imports in Africa. Cars shipped in containers arrive from the US to the port of Tema in as fast as 24 days. Below are our latest rates from our export warehouses in California, New Jersey and Florida.

Latest Car Shipping Rates to Tema, Ghana

  • From New Jersey:
    • $1,600 per car OR $4,500 for 4-cars in a 40ft container* 
    • 29 day transit time
  • From California:
    • $1,900 per car OR $5,700 for 4-cars in a 40ft container* 
    • 45 day transit time
  • From California:
    • $1,900 per car OR $5,700 for 4-cars in a 40ft container* 
    • 45 day transit time
*Monthly volume of 5 containers per month with 4-cars per container.

What We Offer

Instant Online Quotes

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