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Mecum motorcycle auctions return to Las Vegas

Photo: Mecum - 1913 Indian 8 Valve Racer

Mecum, the motorcycle auction king, returns to Las Vegas the first weekend of June. During the three day event taking place from June 1-3, Mecum will auction off over 600 motorcycles. The inventory includes early 20th century Indian Racers, restored Triumphs, and even motorcycles owned by the late Steve McQueen. Another 100 motorcycles offered for sale belong to known motorcycle collectors Mark and Randy Zimmerman, including a Triumph hailed as one of the best restored examples available in the US.The incredible range of bikes available is surely of interest to all motorcycle buyers around the world.Click here to see the full inventory list for the upcoming Mecum Las Vegas motorcycle auction.

The Mecum Las Vegas motorcycle auctions are not just any ordinary auctions. They are a true celebration of the rich history and culture of motorcycles. The event is a must-attend for all motorcycle enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers, as it offers a rare opportunity to witness and bid on some of the most iconic, rare, and sought-after motorcycles in the world. The auctions are also a great place to meet other like-minded individuals, share stories, and learn more about the art of motorcycle restoration and preservation. So, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience and a chance to own a piece of motorcycle history, mark your calendars for the Mecum Las Vegas motorcycle auctions.