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Reduce Risk Shipping Cars Overseas

Protecting Yourself When Shipping Cars Overseas

When shipping cars overseas there is always the possibility, however slight, that your cargo could be damaged in transit. There is potential risk throughout the entire journey – during the trip by truck or rail to and from the ports, while being warehoused both before and after shipping, in the loading and off-loading process and while at sea. It only makes sense then, to protect your cargo and protect your investment. It’s easy to do and will put your mind at ease.

Optional cargo damage protection is your best assurance. 

What type of cargo damage protection will I need? Your coverage can vary depending on whether you are shipping a vehicle for personal use in another country or are in the international auto transport business of shipping cars and other vehicles overseas. For instance, if you are shipping your car or motorbike to use while vacationing in a foreign country, you will need to include your US motor vehicle and licensing department in the process. Military personnel, diplomats and other US federal employees placed in foreign posts will likely be augmenting existing policies. Dealers that ship large numbers of cars on a regular basis may require a policy designed to cover other additional contingencies.

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Be Prepared - Get International Auto Shipping Cargo Damage Protection

Why doesn’t my shipper cover the value of my cargo? United States Maritime law has a long and sea-worthy history. Under the current code, carriers are protected by the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, passed in 1936 to enforce international rules that made ship owners accountable for the “packages” they ship. However there is a catch. Last amended in 1997, the law limits a shipper’s liability to $500 USD, or £294 GBP “per-package.” Since chances are good that your cargo is worth more than that, it’s prudent to get protection.

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Where should I go to get the best coverage? There are several large property and casualty shippers that write policies for shipping cars and vehicles internationally. They are certainly an option to explore. However, going through your shipper may save you time and get you the best result. Due to its great volume, your shipper will have developed relationships with shippers, will be able to negotiate from a position of strength and will most likely have keen insight into how the different companies operate when and if something does go wrong. Most of all, your shipper has the experience and expertise to see that you receive coverage to match your specific needs.

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What’s the message? As the old saying goes, don’t be penny wise and pound short. Knowing that you are protected is priceless! Take the risk out of shipping. Contact our offices and get a rate on optional cargo damage protection.

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