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Seasonal Rates for Moving Cars in the United States

The season of increasing trucking rates is here. As the weather improves, so does the demand for shipping goods on the road. From May to September, truckers become overwhelmed with demand for transporting goods and vehicles across the United States. 

It is a problem of supply and demand. The number of truck drivers continues to decline every year, while consumers have a growing amount of goods to ship.

This is what makes it the busiest season of the year.

Depending on the trucking route, rates for transporting cars can go up around 5 to 20 percent. While car shipping in and out of Arizona and Florida can see prices go up by nearly 100 percent.

We make it easy to see the current ground transportation prices for moving cars in the United States.

By using our shipping calculator you are able to view current prices for picking up and moving your vehicles to our loading facilities for overseas shipping.

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