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Shipping Cars Overseas to Mongolia

Mongolia, long known for its amazing topography of glacial mountains, massive desert and beautiful alpine meadows, is becoming increasingly well known for its emergence into a 21st Century, world-trade destination.

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Today Mongolia's economy is growing rapidly. Investment in mining activity has created a need for drilling and heavy equipment vehicles. Demand for cars and other small commercial vehicles is rising at double-digit rates annually. The appetite is for a wide range of cars, everything from the Prius, which is reputed to start in the coldest of temperatures, to mid-priced sedans. Not surprising, given the frigid weather and difficult terrain, Jeeps and other 4 wheel vehicles are also favorites, so much so that regional economist Dosbergen Musaev has referred to Ulaanbaatar as the "Humvee capital of the world!"

Shipping Cars Internationally to a Landlocked Country

Why use an international shipping company for Mongolia?  It's hard to imagine why anyone would "ship" cargo to Mongolia considering that it is surrounded on all sides by mountains, desert and vast open steppes. Ironically, this is exactly why you need an international auto transport company.

Is shipping cars internationally to Mongolia similar to other Asian destinations? Shipping cars to Mongolia is very similar to shipping cars to the other Central Asian States. The main route is through China, at the port of Tianjin where the containers are loaded onto rail cars until reaching the Mongolian Border. This land portion of the trip mirrors the process for shipping to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.  Once the border is reached, the containers need to be reloaded onto Mongolian carriers since the railroad tracks between China and Mongolia differ in size. The main destination is the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Factors Impacting International Car Shipping Rates  

Does the rail portion of the trip increase costs? It's certainly possible. A reliable car shipping company will hire agents to handle customs at each border point as well as oversee the unloading and reloading of cargo. Also, exporters will likely need to purchase their shipping containers since it's uneconomic to send them back to China.  

Will the required paperwork needed for shipping cars overseas to Mongolia increase the international shipping rate? This will probably have little or no impact as the paperwork is fairly straightforward and comparable to many other destinations.

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Are there things I need to know when preparing cars for shipping overseas to Mongolia? Actually shipping to Mongolia can be considered easier than to several other countries. For instance, Mongolia accepts both right and left-hand driven cars so there is no need to reconfigure them.

Does the age or engine size of a used car affect taxes? The rate is progressive depending upon age. Cars less than 3 years old are taxed at the lowest rate while they are adjusted higher for cars between 3 and 10 years of age. Cars older than 10 years are taxed at the highest rates. The same is true for engine capacity as the tax rate increases in three increments - up to 1500cc, 1501 to 2000cc, and topping off with anything greater than 2000cc.   

Challenges to Shipping Cars Internationally

Are there particular challenges to going through Tianjin?  Tianjin is a large, modern, man-made port city located in Northern China that is considered the maritime gateway to Beijing. Measured by throughput tonnage, it is the 4th largest port in the world and the 9th in container throughput. It is located in the Binhai New Area district of Tianjin, a special economic zone established to facilitate trade. A reliable international shipping company can help process you through customs and get you securely to your end destination.

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