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International Car Shipping Overseas is Easy with Our Car Transport Services


Digitally secure indoor warehouse


Reliable partners for easy customs clearance


Experienced personnel for precision loading and delivery


Ability to track shipments online


Senior staff to guide car buyers through the customs and shipping process


Covers for wheel, floor and seat included. Optional full-car covers available

International Car Shipping - What Every Dealer Wants

The business of shipping cars internationally is increasingly complex. Globalization may appear to make the world shrink, but the opening of new markets, shifts in consumer demand, regional trade alliances and changing customs practices make this smaller world a lot more complex. That's why choosing a reliable international shipping company has never been more important. We do our job, delivering cars globally on time and undamaged - so you can do yours, importing and exporting cars.

Car Shipping from the United States

Shipping Cars Overseas - What West Coast Shipping Delivers

We want what our customers want. At WCS we strive for every transaction to appear effortless. To do this we continually invest in new technologies, stay informed of changes in customs, laws and import regulations, and monitor economic developments that affect international car shipping. Our substantial investment in strategic partnerships with agents and experts around the globe enables us to succeed where other companies falter.


The World is Round but West Coast Shipping has Edge

Shipping cars internationally is fraught with potential problems including delays, customs snafus, rate changes, space limitations and equipment failures at ports. Unlike many other companies, we mitigate hassles and maintain our competitive edge by doing our own booking, loading and trucking. Shipping cars from both coasts allows us to route shipments expeditiously and optimize pricing with consolidated loads. Valued relationships enable us to quickly resolve issues with trusted partners and agents. Most important, because we ship cars in volume, our access to the major ocean carriers is direct and their response to our needs is immediate.

Global Car Shipping Requires Regional Expertise

In today's international car shipping business, global does mean homogenized. The permutations in laws, customs and logistics approach infinity. Certain cars coming into Australia need to be retrofit for left-side driving; others do not. Cars coming into Germany need to pass the infamous TUV inspection, a test not required by any other EU nation. Shipping cars internationally, especially classic cars and high value vehicles, necessitates modern, 21st century digital solutions - solutions we are fully prepared to provide. For a more detailed look at our regional services and expertise, please follow the links to our regional pages. 

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