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How To Ship Your Car To Inland Destinations & Cities In Europe

Moving overseas can be overwhelming when you don’t have the right partner to provide the
necessary guidance. We offer open and enclosed trailer transportation based on your needs.

We can transport your vehicle from one of our main ports in North Europe with our reliable
partners in Europe; Le Havre, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven/Hamburg to different destinations in

Everyone’s situation is different; from a new job offer, retiring, military orders, or changing your

Due to the rules changing on a regular basis we highly recommend checking with the embassy
of your destination country for accurate and up to date information to make sure that your
vehicle will be allowed to be imported overseas. 

These are the rates for delivering your vehicle to an inland destination via the port of Rotterdam:


Czech Republic





If you are moving to Europe, you might be able to avoid import taxes as long as you meet the
following requirements listed here

We take care of the stressful process to export the vehicle out of the United States to the port in
Europe. Please remember that you will be subject to destination charges such as unloading,
customs clearance, port charges, handling fees, and any import taxes where applicable.
One more suggestion we have is to check with the destination country about the homologation
process upon arrival as you will need to make sure your vehicle fits the requirements from the
local authorities at the destination country so you can register the car overseas. 

Check out the documentation required to export your vehicle.