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Top 10 cars imported to Ukraine from the US

The number of cars imported from the US to Ukraine have doubled in 2018, as lower import taxes and duties have made it more affordable to import cars. The growing demand for salvage cars from US based auctions Copart and IAA have also caused a spike in car shipments to Ukraine. 

Here is a list of ten cars that have been historically popular and frequently imported to Ukraine from the United States:

  1. Ford Mustang: The iconic American muscle car, known for its powerful performance and classic design.

  2. Chevrolet Camaro: Another legendary muscle car, favored for its aggressive looks and high-performance capabilities.

  3. Dodge Charger: A large and powerful sedan, often imported for its bold styling and strong engine options.

  4. Jeep Wrangler: A rugged and versatile SUV that appeals to off-road enthusiasts, known for its iconic design and durability.

  5. Cadillac Escalade: A luxury SUV with a commanding presence and upscale features, often imported for its opulence and status symbol.

  6. Chevrolet Tahoe: A full-size SUV offering spaciousness, comfort, and towing capabilities, making it popular among families and those needing utility.

  7. GMC Sierra: A robust and capable pickup truck, often imported for its towing and hauling capacities, as well as its rugged styling.

  8. Chevrolet Corvette: A high-performance sports car with a rich history, renowned for its speed, handling, and sleek design.

  9. Dodge Challenger: A retro-styled muscle car, similar to the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, often imported for its performance and nostalgic appeal.

  10. Tesla Model S: The all-electric luxury sedan from Tesla, known for its cutting-edge technology, high performance, and long-range capabilities.

It's important to note that the popularity of imported cars in Ukraine can be influenced by factors such as availability, pricing, import regulations, and individual preferences. This list represents a selection of historically popular models but may not reflect current market trends or specific preferences within Ukraine.

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