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What to Know About Shipping Motorcycles Overseas


From Souped Up Hogs to Vanity Vespa's - We Ship Them Safely 

It may be a cliche but its hard to dispute. Just like collectors love their classic cars, riders love their bikes. Thoughts of motorcycles conjure the likes of Steve McQueen, Marlin Brando and James Dean. In more recent times Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come to mind. Jolie's Tennessee William's quote vividly tattooed on her arm, "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages," has only added to her fame and tough girl image. Pop culture personifies riders as free-wheeling, daring, even a bit reckless - but reckless is far from how cyclists expect their bikes to be treated during transport. Here at West Coast Shipping (WCS) we recognize the strong affinity owners have with their bikes and care for them accordingly.

Consolidate and Save

At West Coast Shipping (WCS) we typically only ship 3 cars to a container so we always have additional space for shipping a motorcycle overseas. When shipping a motorcycle our usual space allocation is as follows:

  • 20 ft. Container -  6 Bikes
  • 40 ft. Container - 18 Bikes
  • 45 ft. Container - 21 Bikes

Most shipments include a mix of cycles from regular sized Harley's to speed bikes. Dirt bikes require less container space, doubling the capacity stats cited above. Our WCS staff load the bikes, strapping them at each of the four corners. We assume responsibility for draining a bike's fuel tank to avoid a fire hazard in transit. Some owners prefer to disconnect the bike's battery so it doesn't run down during shipping but this is not required. We can also safely ship salvage bikes and non-operational motorcycles.  

When to Crate that Chopper

A large portion of the motorcycles we ship travel safely with expert strapping while sharing excess space inside a container with cars or other vehicles. Owners of old classics and premium priced bikes may however want to consider crating their bike for extra protection and security. Crating is customized to fit the bike and padded at places where the frame of the bike might have contact with a container wall or other vehicle.  In most cases, the cost of crating a bike is $300. 

Due to a high incidence of theft, custom's agents can be very particular when processing a motorcycle coming from the States and landing at a foreign destination. As a result, whatever process is chosen to ship a bike it helps if the VIN number remains visible or can be easily accessed by an agent. A reliable shipping company will be aware of this need and will accommodate agents accordingly.

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WCS offers optional cargo damage protection on international motorcycle shipping just as it does for other vehicles.

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For more information on shipping motorcycles, please contact us.

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