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Prices start at around $900 per car in a consolidated 40ft container. Get an instant customized quote using our car shipping calculator.


Shipping Cars From the USA to the Middle East

The Middle East imports more cars in containers from the US than any other nation in the world. Being one the of the largest US car export companies, West Coast Shipping works with large shipping volumes to offer some of the best international car shipping rates in the logistics industry. As a freight forwarder, we load and ship cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks and heavy equipment from the East and West coast to the Middle East in containers, via Roll-on/Roll-off service, and Air Freight. Get an instant rate below by using our car shipping calculator to the Middle East.


Bahrain Israel
Jordan Kuwait
Kuwait Oman
Qatar Saudi Arabia
UAE and others!

International Car Shipping Options

Porsche 911 Container


  • Weekly container consolidation
  • Load 1-4 vehicles & parts in container
  • Vehicle doesn't have to run & drive
roro boat shipping


  • For RVs, buses, & heavy machinery
  • Vehicles must run & drive
  • Can fit oversize vehicles
Ferrari F12 Airplane


  • Fastest shipping method available
  • Delivery between airports worldwide
  • Crating available

Cost of Car Shipping to the Middle East from the USA

With our instant car shipping calculator, you get rates on car shipping to the Middle East without having to wait for a quote. With the growing competition on containerized car shipping, rates are currently at the lowest level they have been in decades. Rates vary by the destination. Currently the cheapest shipping rates from the West Coast are $1,000 per car, and $900 from the East Coast. Our rates include loading into a container, shipping on an ocean vessel, US customs clearance and documentation processing. We also offer the ability to collect your vehicles from anywhere in the US using our network of trusted vehicle transporters. Simply put in the zip code or city and state of the vehicle's location in the US, and the calculator will provide an up-to-date quote on picking up the car and shipping it. 

Import Cars from the Middle East

We also provide car import services to the United States from the Middle East.


Shipping Process From USA to the Middle East

The Middle East attracts some of the most diverse, and most exciting collections of classic and exotic cars in the world. Moving such valuable cars across the world requires the expert knowledge of loading, as well as international law. We offer the best car shipping options from the US to the Middle East, and the import of cars from the Middle East to the US.

Due to the huge demand for US cars, cheap shipping rates and favorable import duties, the Middle East is the largest importer of US cars in containers. In 2015, they have imported over 80,000 new, used, classic and exotic cars from the US. Some of the most popular destinations for shipping cars are Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Aqaba, and Doha, among others. 

Ferrari cars waiting to be shipped overseas to the Middle East

Porsche 918 shipping overseas

What's Included In The Price

To receive a container shipping quote use our instant car shipping calculator to Africa above. Simply fill out the pickup location if you want us to collect your vehicle from you, choose which US coast you would like to ship from (New Jersey or California), and select the destination country and city/port. You can then choose an option for the amount of cars you are shipping, whether it is 1 or 4 cars, we can ship it all to Africa. And unlike other car shipping companies, we charge the same flat-rate, no matter the size of your car. Shipping a Toyota Tacoma will cost you the same as shipping a Toyota Camry to Africa. You can also get a quote on shipping boats, motorcycles, and pallets by following the same procedures.


Do I Drop Off The Car Myself?

Whichever way you choose to ship your car to Africa, we also offer the ability to collect your vehicles from anywhere in the US. We can pickup all types of vehicles, from new cars, used cars, classic cars, and salvage cars. We work within our network of trusted transporters who move vehicles via open or enclosed transport. All of our ground transporters are insured, bonded, and maintain an excellent rating.

Once your vehicles are received at our shipping facilities in either California or New Jersey, they are inspected, photographed and logged into our modern logistics system. You can track your vehicle online just like any other international shipment. We offer free storage during the time is takes for the vehicle to be loaded and shipped in a consolidated container.


Container Size Information

Depending on the size of your vehicles, and if you are shipping any other household goods or auto parts, we are able to load anywhere from one to six cars in a single container. Your vehicle can also be in nearly any condition, from a salvage car to an exotic - we treat them all with white glove service.




Mercedes 300SL Gullwing shipping overseas in a containerAny time you are shipping more than one car at a time, your best option is shipping in a container. Since the first container was shipped in 1956, it remains as the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of moving goods overseas. Which is why ocean containers are the preferred method of shipping cars to the Middle East. Any type of car can be loaded and shipped in a container. Sedans, coupes, SUVs, pickups, minivans, you name it. Depending on the size of the vehicles, we can fit up to 6 cars in a single container using our extensively developed and tested loading techniques. Unlike other car shipping companies, we do not use chains in our containers because they will damage your car during transport. Our custom loading techniques allows us to minimize waste, and ensure your vehicles are properly secured during shipping. 

Each car is strapped in the container using the optimal mounting point. A frame is built around the vehicles on the lower level, providing extra space for other cars, goods, motorcycles or auto parts in the container. No matter the car, or destination, we use the best material available to ensure your car arrives overseas in the same condition we received it in.


usa to Middle East roro shippingAn alternative to shipping cars from the USA to the Middle East in containers, is shipping via Roll-on/Roll-off service. The car is also shipped on an ocean liner, but instead of the car being loaded into a container, it is driven inside of a RoRo ship. There it is simply strapped down to the deck, along with thousands of other vehicles. In order to ship your car via RoR