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Are you relocating or simply want to move your car from the USA to Belgium? We ship ship thousands of cars overseas from the United States to the port of Antwerp each year. Get an instant quote on our car shipping calculator below, then fill out our online shipping form and we will begin making arrangements on shipping your vehicle overseas.

Cost of Shipping Cars to Belgium

You can expect to pay around $900 to $1,300 to ship a car from the US to Belgium in a container. Your vehicle will be shipped to the port of Antwerp because it is the cheapest, and most accessible port in Belgium.

It takes around 12 days to ship your car from New York to Belgium, and 30 days to ship from California to Belgium.

Shipping via RoRo and Air Freight varies by the size of the vehicle. Get a quote on shipping via Air Freight or Roll on/Roll off.

Car Shipping from the USA to Belgium

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Car Shipped to: Belgium

Import Car Tax in Belgium

The import tax on vehicles imported to Belgium is currently 10%, and the VAT is 21%. If you are importing a classic car over 30 years old the import tax is 6%, and the VAT remains the same. Because of the smaller import duty on cars over 30 years old, classic cars are currently some of the most popular imports from the US to Belgium. 

car shipping from the USA to Belgium

Here are some of the most popular vehicles imported to Belgium from the US:

1. Ford Mustang
2. Mercedes Benz 380 SL
3. Porsche 911
4. VW Bus
5. VW Karmann Ghia
6. Chevrolet Corvette
7. Porsche 912
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How Cars Are Shipped to Belgium

Via Ocean Containers:

Shipping in an ocean container gives you the best value for your money. You can ship anywhere from 1 to 4 cars in a single container, the cars do not have to be in working condition, and if you need to, we can load extra parts into the cars or containers. It's also a great idea to ship in a container if you are moving, we can load your household goods in the same container as your car will be shipped in.

If you shipping one car it can be loaded in its own 20ft container, or in a consolidated 40ft container which will be shared with other customer's cars. If you are shipping 3 or more vehicles, the best method is to ship in your own dedicated 40ft container. 

Estimated rate for shipping in a container from the USA to Belgium is $900 to $1,300. Get current costs and confirm the rate for 30 days by using the shipping calculator on top of this page. Transit time in a container is around 12 days from the East Coast and 30 days from the West Coast.

Via Air Freight:

Shipping your car via air freight to Belgium is the best option for expedited shipping. In general it will be more expensive than other methods of shipping, but it also allows for more flexibility. We can ship your car from any international airport in the states to any international airport in Belgium. Transit time is estimated at around 3 to 10 days, depending on the flight schedule, and customs clearance. 

Air freight to Belgium usually runs anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on the origin and destination, as well as the vehicle's size. We can also crate your vehicle or motorcycle completely to keep it secure throughout the journey. 

Get a quote on Air Freight to Belgium here.

Via Roll on/Roll off:

While shipping your car via RoRo to Belgium is the cheapest option, it is also the one with the least amount of flexibility. Your car must be in run and drive condition, and you cannot have anything inside of the vehicle. However the biggest problem with RoRo car shipping is that not all ports support it. 

Request a RoRo car shipping quote to Belgium here.

Insurance on Car Shipping to Belgium

Insurance is an option when shipping your vehicle using any of the above shipping options. It is estimated depending on your vehicle value. Request a quote on insurance by contacting us today.

Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.