Barn Find Diamond T Truck from the USA to Australia

Posted By Dmitriy Shibarshin on February 14, 2017 at 2:55 PM


The Diamond T Company may be little known now, but during WW2 they were a major supplier of trucks for both the American and British forces. They had a chassis that was as versatile for transporting tanks, as it was to serve as a dump truck for civilian purposes. Diamond-T-logo.jpg

Despite its reliability, the truck never became a sales success outside of warfare. After the war, Diamond T trucks became irrelevant. Now however, as classic pickup trucks are become more desirable around the world, many are seeking them out.


This 1947 Diamond T truck was found in the USA by an Australian collector who plans to fully restore it. We had the fun job of collecting the car in California, and shipping it to Australia.

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