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China Expected to Hold Talks on Legalizing Classic Car Imports

China may finally be on track to allowing classic cars to be permanently imported into the country. This September, Chinese lawmakers will hold talks to discuss opening up their borders to classic cars.

Currently, China does not allow the importation of classic cars for personal use or resale. Even international participants in classic car rallies through China are faced with a rigorous import process that takes months to complete.

Rumors of legalizing classic car imports have been around for years, but China's recent actions signal a change in their views on car import regulations.

Last April, authorities legalized the import of new cars to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) via a parallel car import project. Now, many expect a similar law that allows the importation of classic cars into the FTZ.

This news is exciting for Chinese classic car enthusiasts and collectors who have been waiting for years to legally import their dream cars. The United States is a popular source for classic cars due to its rich automotive history and the availability of well-maintained vintage vehicles. With the potential opening of China's borders to classic cars, collectors will have the opportunity to source rare and unique models from the US and other countries. This could also lead to an increase in classic car events and rallies throughout China, further promoting the appreciation and preservation of automotive history in the country.

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