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Dan Gurney's Impala SS Shipped To The UK For Goodwood Revival

The significance of this 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS cannot be understated. This car previously belonged to Dan Gurney, one of America’s legendary racing drivers. Most remember his success in Formula One, Indy Car, NASCAR, Can-Am, and the Trans-Am Series. But many forget his brief stint hunting Jaguars in this very Impala.Gurney believed he could beat the Jaguar sedans racing in the British Touring Car Championship with an Impala SS. In 1961, he set out to make it happen. Gurney purchased a brand new police-spec Impala SS, and made slight modifications. He added a sway bar from a Corvette, and installed front brake ducts. He took it to Riverside Raceway where he set a track record.

That May of ’61, Gurney had his sight set on the Silverstone circuit. After shipping the Impala to the UK, he partook in the race but ultimately failed to finish after loosing a wheel. And the difficulties did not end there.

When Gurney signed up for the next race, he was barred from entering. His car was deemed to be illegal to compete in the race series. He never received an official explanation, but through interviews with him later in life he revealed that Jaguar themselves were responsible.

Facing a busy schedule in Formula One, Gurney gave up on his efforts and sold the car. The new owner was an Australian man who owned it until last year. Since then, the car was converted to right-hand drive and continued to race in Australia.

The car found itself back in US last year, when the owner sent it back to be restored and sold. This is when Ed Foster, head of Goodwood’s motorsport content team, purchased the car.

Foster’s goal was to convert the Impala back to left-hand drive and restore the car to its former glory. First, he had to have it shipped to the United Kingdom.

We collected the car from the shop in New Jersey and shipped it in a container to the UK. The Impala arrived on UK soil last month, and is now being prepared for its debut at the Goodwood Revival in September.