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A harsh winter for US Classic Cars

US Classic Porsches in the Snow

The United States is experiencing harsh winter weather in the new year making it difficult to keep classic cars on the road and out of the snow. 

Unplowed roads and a small number of truckers willing to brave the storms are increasing transit times and vehicle transportation costs. States in the Northwest are being hit the hardest, with carriers in Oregon and Washington already seeing week long delays. Some parts have seen over 213 cm of snow in just 2 days, while other areas were flooded with over 25 cm of rain.

International car shipping customers are opting to have their convertible and open-top vehicles transported in enclosed carriers to protect them from harsh conditions. If you have a vehicle coming out of the Northwest we strongly encourage choosing enclosed transportation. It is your best option for avoiding the snow during transport, and overall costs are on average just 15% higher.