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Classic Car Auction This Weekend In The Heart Of The USA

The Leake Auction Company have held classic car auctions in Oklahoma for the last 44 years. This Friday and Saturday (February 23 & 24), Leake will offer 357 cars for sale, with 81 vehicles at no reserve. Most of the classics are American, with some German and English cars in between. Located in Oklahoma City, the auction is right in the middle of the US, allowing us to export from California, Texas and New Jersey.

You can look forward to seeing cars such as this interesting 1974 VW Transporter T2 with the back turned into a truck bed. There are also over a dozen classic pickup trucks for sale. Nine Chevrolet C10s and six Ford F100s are available. These are incredibly popular in overseas markets in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Rolland Collection will also be part of the auction. Previously scheduled for December, the Rolland collection was cancelled due to the California wildfires. Most cars from the collection are offered without reserve, including 3 Dallara Indy race cars. Then there are also cars from the Jim Lynch collection like this 1962 Corvette Fuelie.

You can bid online on Iron Planet. You are required to place a $5,000 USD credit card deposit in order to bid. Buyer's Premium for this sale is 13% on vehicles and 18% on collectibles

Take a look at the full run list for the Leake Auction in Oklahoma this February 23 and 24th.

[Image courtesy of Leake Auction Company]

Exporting classic cars from the US can be an exciting and lucrative business for those who have a passion for vintage automobiles. With Leake Auction Company's upcoming sale in Oklahoma City, there are plenty of opportunities to find unique and desirable vehicles for overseas buyers. The convenience of the auction's central location in the US allows for easy export from states such as California, Texas, and New Jersey.

Overseas markets, particularly in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, have a strong demand for classic American pickup trucks like the Chevrolet C10 and Ford F100. These vehicles represent a piece of Americana and are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts abroad.

But it's not just pickups that are popular for export. Leake Auction Company's sale also includes a variety of classic cars from various eras and countries, such as the 1974 VW Transporter T2 with a unique truck bed conversion. The Rolland Collection, which was previously cancelled due to the California wildfires, is also back on the auction block and features several Dallara Indy race cars.

For those looking to bid on these classic cars from overseas, Iron Planet provides an easy online bidding platform. However, potential buyers should be aware of the required $5,000 USD credit card deposit and the buyer's premium of 13% on vehicles and 18% on collectibles. With careful planning and research, exporting classic cars from the US can be a profitable and exciting venture for collectors and enthusiasts alike.