2016 US Car Export Report

Car Shipping to Cambodia from the USA

Cambodia is the second most popular destination in Asia for the import of cars from the United States. Each year, over 25,000 cars are loaded into containers and shipped to the port of Sihanoukville. 

Shipping cars to Cambodia is easy with our instant car shipping calculator. Simply enter the location of the car, where you want it shipped from and the port in Cambodia you want to ship the car to. You will get an instant rate which includes the collection of the vehicle, loading into a container and shipping to Cambodia.  We also offer RoRo car shipping to Cambodia.

We ship thousands of cars overseas each year and have one of the best loading teams in the world. We can load any type of car: SUV, wagon, sedan, classic car, exotic car, and salvage cars.

Cost of Shipping Cars to Cambodia

Shipping cars to Cambodia from the USA involves the cost of collection, loading and shipping, and the destination charges in Cambodia.

Cars being collected for shipping to Cambodia from USA1. Collecting the Vehicle in the USA

We utilize open top vehicle transporters, and enclosed transport for the high value vehicles. We work within a network of trusted transporters who specialize in picking up vehicles from across the United States and delivering them to one of our loading facilities in either California or New Jersey. If you have a car in any continental state, we can have it collected. To get a precise cost on collecting your vehicle in the USA for shipping to Cambodia, please use the instant car shipping calculator above. Simply enter the vehicle's location as a zip code, and select the loading facility you want it to be shipped from. The collection costs depend on the distance from the loading facility, and the condition of the vehicle (if it runs and drives). You can also deliver the vehicles to us yourself without any extra charges. 

Lexus GX 470 loaded in a container2. Loading and Shipping from the USA to Cambodia

Once your vehicles arrive at our loading facilities, we inspect cars and log them into our computerized system. Your vehicles are then loaded into a container and placed onto an ocean vessel. The cost of shipping one car in a 20ft container from California to Sihanoukville, Cambodia is $2,100. We also ship numerous vehicles in a single 40ft container. To get an up to date rate, please use the car shipping calculator to Cambodia above.

3. Destination Charges

When your container arrives in Cambodia, you and your local agent will be responsible for collecting the container from the port and unload the cars from it. We work with numerous local agents who are able to offer you their services for unloading vehicles from containers. You will also be responsible for clearing Cambodian import customs and paying all necessary import duties.For up to date VAT information please visit the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia. Most vehicles can be shipped and import to Cambodia without restrictions.

Marine insurance is also available for all of your vehicles during transport.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!


Safe and Secure Car Handling

Our expert shipping team consists of in-house loaders who specialize in safely and securely loading and unloading classic cars during their journey overseas. We do not outsource our loading to anyone but our trusted team.

Locations on Both US Coasts

Strategically placed shipping facilities provide secure points of car export and import on the East and West Coast. Which lowers local and international car shipping costs and transit times. Secure indoor storage for your vehicles is also available.

Turn Key Delivery

We pickup and deliver classic cars door to door, around the world. Everything from pickup, loading, shipping, delivery and customs clearance can be arranged. Relax, and enjoy the trip.

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Instant Rates

Our online rate calculator allows you to view current rates for shipping vehicles, boats, motorcycles and pallets anytime, anywhere. It can even calculate the cost of ground transportation from anywhere in the US.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether you are looking to ship one car or 20, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our team will be there to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

Toyota Hilux shipping overseas

How Cars Are Shipped to Cambodia

Nearly all vehicles shipped from the US to Cambodia are shipped in containers. It is a popular method due to how affordable container shipping is. Containers also give you the option of shipping salvage or parts cars, along with any other packages, parts or household goods. You can also place parts and boxes inside of the cars. There is nearly no limit to what can be shipped inside a container!

Currently, there are three types of containers offered to Cambodia; a 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft container. Here is how many cars can fit into each:

  • 1 Car in a 20ft container
  • 2-3 Cars in a 40ft container
  • 3-4 Cars in a 45ft container

Cars are strapped to the container floor, and cars on top are placed on custom built ramps which ensure they remain in one place during transport. Unlike our competitors, we work with our own team of loaders, and do not outsource loading to other companies. We can also ship your motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and planes in containers. 

Containers can be shipped from nearly any port in the United States. Some of the ports we ship from: Oakland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Texas.

Nearly all containers shipped to Cambodia arrive at the port of Sihanoukville. From there cars may be transported to popular cities like Phnom Penh. Containers typically take around 28 days to reach Cambodia from California, and 40 days from New Jersey.

We also offer Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping to Cambodia for cars, boats, tractors, combines, excavators, graders, bulldozers, and agricultural and construction machinery, and any heavy equipment. Request a quote on RoRo shipping to Cambodia here.

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Cars Shipped to Cambodia

In 2016, the most popular cars shipped to Cambodia are the Toyota Highlander, Tundra, Camry, Corolla and Lexus RX. Many of our customers who ship cars overseas find them on US auctions like Manheim, Copart, or IAAI. There are customers who also purchase the cars directly from the dealers. When buying cars in the United States as an overseas resident, you do not have to pay local US tax if the car will not be used in the USA.

Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.