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Which American classic cars are most popular overseas?

Look in any corner of the world, and you are likely to find a classic car from America being put through its paces. Classic American pickup trucks and muscle cars are especially popular. Their affordable price and reliability make them an attractive purchase around the world. After shipping thousands of classic cars to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia each year, we came up with a list of the the most popular American classic cars shipped overseas.


1. Ford Mustang

Buying a Mustang overseas is now a common dream shared by many muscle car enthusiasts around the world. Everything from the base model Mustang, to the GT500 Shelby car are beloved for their power and affordability. Mustangs are some of the most popular cars we ship to Europe and Australia.


2. Chevrolet Corvette

Want a classic sports car from America? You will consider importing a Corvette. Their unique style matched with powerful engines turn heads even when surrounded by modern exotics.


3. Chevrolet Camaro

Classic Chevrolet Camaros are especially popular in the Netherlands and Australia. The demand for Camaros has continued to grow, and so have their values.


4. Chevrolet C10

There's nothing like a classic pickup truck to prove that old cars can still be reliable. We were surprised to see more Chevrolet C10 trucks shipped from the US than any other classic truck.


5. Ford F100

Since 1977, the Ford F-series has been one of America's top selling pickups. While new models continue to fly off dealer lots, the older F100 pickups are still sought after by buyers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.



6. Dodge Charger

Not everyone wants to settle for the most popular muscle cars you can buy from America. Those that don't buy a Mustang or Camaro ultimately end up with a Charger.