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Whether you are moving from the United States to Europe, or transporting cars overseas, we have the shipping solutions you need. We offer weekly consolidated container shipping from California and New Jersey. Our network of trusted local transporters allows us to pickup your vehicles, household goods, and auto parts from anywhere in the US. We also specialize in shipping classic cars to many of the popular European destinations such as Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and others. Get an instant shipping rate by using our car shipping calculator below.

Shipping in a Container to Europe
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Car Shipping USA to Europe Price Calculator

Porsche Carrera RS Being Shipped Overseas to EuropeBecause we are one of the largest car shippers in the United States, we are able to offer the most competitive rates on car shipping to Europe. Prices start at around $900 per car in a consolidated 40ft container. Use the car shipping calculator on this page to get instant rates on car shipping to all of Europe from the USA. You can get a quote on ground transportation just by inputing the vehicle's pickup location in the car shipping calculator. If you are a dealer or a wholesaler in need of a volume discount please contact us today for a custom quote to suit your business. Door to door service is also offered from the US to anywhere in Europe.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!


Safe and Secure Car Handling

Our expert shipping team consists of in-house loaders who specialize in safely and securely loading and unloading classic cars during their journey overseas. We do not outsource our loading to anyone but our trusted team.

Locations on Both US Coasts

Strategically placed shipping facilities provide secure points of car export and import on the East and West Coast. Which lowers local and international car shipping costs and transit times. Secure indoor storage for your vehicles is also available.

Turn Key Delivery

We pickup and deliver classic cars door to door, around the world. Everything from pickup, loading, shipping, delivery and customs clearance can be arranged. Relax, and enjoy the trip.

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Instant Rates

Our online rate calculator allows you to view current rates for shipping vehicles, boats, motorcycles and pallets anytime, anywhere. It can even calculate the cost of ground transportation from anywhere in the US.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether you are looking to ship one car or 20, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our team will be there to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

The Shipping Process from the US to Europe

Shipping vehicles, or any other goods to Europe is nearly identical as shipping anywhere else. As long as the vehicle or commodity is allowed to be imported into the country, you are ok to ship it. Same applies to the US side, as long as you aren't shipping something illegal or something that is specifically not allowed to be exported, you should be fine. For example, exporting ex-military Humvees isn't allowed by the US government unless they give you an exception, which is rare.

Fortunately, most popular auto exports to Europe can be shipped and imported without a problem. 

What is included in the price?

The instant quote includes loading your vehicle into a container, shipping it from either California or New York/New Jersey to the European port of your choosing. It also includes US customs clearance, and documentation handling. 

What most first-time shippers do not realize is that the shipping cost usually does not include destination charges in Europe. Which can include unloading the container, local import duties, VAT and registration. These are all handled by one of our agents overseas.

Do I have to drop off the car myself?

Ferrari F40 LM being shipped overseas

We offer the flexibility of dropping your vehicle off at on one our shipping facilities, or having us pickup the vehicle from anywhere in the United States using our network of dependable auto transporters. We collect vehicles using open transporters, or in more secure enclosed transporters. You can get the rate on an open transporter instantly by simply filling out the vehicle pickup locaiton in the calculator above. For enclosed transportation please contact us for a custom quote. 

Read about why ground transporation rates fluctuate throughout the year.

What can I fit into a container to Europe?

Porsche 959 being shipped overseas in a container

Depending on the size of your vehicles, and if you are shipping any other household goods or auto parts, we are able to load anywhere from one to six cars in a single container. Your vehicle can also be in nearly any condition, from a rusted project car to a mint collectible classic - we treat them all with white glove service. 

Here are some common shipments:

  • 6 Jeep Willys in a 40ft container, or 3 in a 20ft.
  • 16 Motorcycles in a 40ft container, or 8 in a 20ft.
  • 2 VW Buses in a 40ft container, or 3 in a 45ft.

Get container dimensions here.

Vehicle Storage

International Car shipping storage in the USAWhen your vehicles arrive at one of our secure locations, a detailed inspection report is completed, and photographs are taken to record its condition upon arrival. Vehicles are then stored at our facilities until loading takes place. In-door storage is always offered at either our California or New Jersey locations. Our warehouses are secured and monitored 24/7.





How long does it take for a container to reach Europe?

Container ShipWhile we ship containers on a weekly basis from both US coasts, it takes anywhere from 12 to 40 days to reach the destination port overseas. Keep in mind that containers do not leave on a daily basis, and unless you require us to load and ship the car the same day it arrives at our warehouse, it can take a few days to have it loaded and placed on the ship.

Shipping in a consolidated container may also lead to delays due to the nature of sharing a container with other customers. Their paperwork may be delayed, they may be late in dropping off the vehicle or some other issue may result in the consolidated container being delayed. If it is a time sensitive shipment, look into shipping in your own 20, 40 or 45 ft container, or take a look at our air freight option below.

Destination Charges in Europe

Destination charges vary for each vehicle and country you ship to. They are usually handled by one of our many trusted agents who are part of our vast overseas network. They handle everything from picking up your container from the port in Europe, to unloading your cars and goods, clearing import customs, modifying your vehicle to adhere to local laws, and guiding you with import and VAT duties. Agents help with temporary imports to the EU, and avoiding import taxes for certain situations. They also offer delivery right to your door. 

We can refer you to one the agents, or you can work with any agent you have previously shipped to. We work with all overseas agents, brokers and shipping companies.

The process generally works like this; we ship your vehicles and goods overseas, notify the agent, and provide him with the documentation and your contact information. Once your container arrives overseas, the agent will collect the container, take it to their unloading facilitiy, or if you prefer directly to your location, and unload the container. They then contact you to pickup the vehicle at your earliest convenience. Some agents charge storage immediately, while others offer a grace period of anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Roll-On/Roll Off Car Shipping from the USA to Europe

You also have the option of shipping your car to Europe via Roll-on/Roll-off service. Cars shipped via RoRo aren't loaded into a container, or a crate. They are simply driven on and off the specially outfitted ship which transports cars, boats, and other oversized items overseas which do not fit into containers. Which means you cannot ship project cars via RoRo. We also do not recommend shipping classic cars or high value vehicles for a number of reasons you can see here.

Not all US ports support RoRo shipping to Europe. On the West Coast, we ship RoRo from the port of Tacoma and Port Hueneme. Shipping from the East Coast provides more options: port of Newark, Baltimore, Charleston, Brunswick, and Jacksonville. 

In Europe, the most popular ports for RoRo shipping from the US are: Vigo, Zeebrugge, Antwerp, and Bremerhaven among others. Transit times are identical to container shipping for most routes. Request a RoRo shipping quote to Europe here.

Cars being shipped overseas on a RoRo ship

Cars shipped via RoRo to Europe cannot have any other household goods or parts inside the car other than a spare tire and jack. Which is why many choose to ship in a container.

Shipping via Air Freight to Europe

Car being shipped by air to EuropeNeed the quickest method of shipping from the US to Europe for your vehicle or goods? Ship via air freight.

Depending on the airline, flight route, and careful planning, the time that it takes for your car to arrive overseas can be as little as a day. We pickup your vehicle and take it directly to the airport of departure to be loaded into the airplane's cargo hold. We can also provide custom crating for your goods or vehicles at one of our shipping facilities.

When shipping by air, ensure that all documentation is on hand in order to avoid any delays with export and import customs. For example, if you are temporarily shipping your car to Europe, you will need a Carnet de Passages en Douane for the vehicle. 

Air Freight is a popular option for shipping motorcycles overseas due to their smaller size, and a wider selection of destinations worldwide. Air freight can sometimes also be a more economical international shipping option for certain destinations which do not have consolidated container shipping. Unless you are shipping 6 motorcycles at once, paying for your own 20ft container wouldn't make sense. Instead, you can move your motorcycle overseas by air quicker and for the same cost (or less) as shipping in your own container. See if it makes sense for your overseas shipment and request an air freight quote today.

Which documents are required for export from the US?

When shipping cars overseas, the US government requires a few documents. Pay attention because some original documents are required, while others can pass as copies. The originals will have to be mailed to our California office, while copies can be emailed to your WCS shipping representative. Here is what you need:

1. Original title for the vehicle. US customs will not accept any copies of titles as substitute. If there is a lien on the title, you must provide the lien release letter that was provided when the vehicle was paid off. If you are shipping a classic car your vehicle may have never had a title if it was originally sold in one of the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Please contact us to verify your title.

2. Bill of Sale. If your name is not on the title as the original owner, you must provide a bill of sale for the vehicle tracing the vehicle's origins to you. For example, if Bob is the original owner, but he then sold the car to Sam, who then sold it to you; you must have a bill of sale from Bob to Sam, and the bill of sale from Sam to you.

3. US Citizen? Then you need to provide an EIN letter from the IRS. Find out more about the letter here.

4. Not a US Citizen? We simply need a copy of your passport.

5. In order to clear US Customs on your behalf, you are required to provide a power of attorney form. They can be found on our shipping form page here. You can simply print the one you need, fill it out and email it back to us.

6. To begin the shipping process, you will need to complete our online shippping form. There you will need to provide information on the vehicle, the shipper's information (you or the seller), and the receiver overseas (you or the overseas buyer). You can find the shipping form here.


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Best way for shipping USA - Germany ! Excellent shipping agency ! Sehr empfehlenswert !
Destination: Europe
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Robert; 6/28/2016
great,great,great!!! no one compare with yours company
Destination: Europe
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Mario; 5/18/2016
Would use again Very cooperative, fast and efficient. Like WCS. Shipped my bike from U.S. to Germany, since I moved there (to Germany). I was able to coordinate all from Germany. Would recommend and use WCS any time again.
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