International Classic Car Shipping

Classic Cars Need Modern Shipping

Most classic car owners and dealers will agree that a classic car is a well-preserved, highly venerated automobile with enduring, ageless appeal. They will also agree that transporting these cars around the globe requires expert handling and care. Our in-house logistics team consists of classic car fans who take care of the cars as if they were our own. We never outsource our loading, and we own the warehouse we operate out of in California. We also have a location in New Jersey. We are here to provide full logistical support for your classic car transportation needs.


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The cost of shipping your classic car internationally from the USA can be obtained by using our instant car shipping calculator below. We offer container shipping for classic cars to over 100 destinations around the world. The calculator can also provide you with rates on collecting the car from anywhere in the US, and transporting them to our loading facilities on both US coasts.

If you do not see a destination you need, or if you have any other questions on shipping please contact us today.

What distinguishes West Coast Shipping from other international shipping companies when it comes to shipping classic cars?


Optional full-car covers available. Covers for wheel, floor & seat included


Detailed condition reports with photos to document every step of the vehicles journey


24/7 Digitally secure warehouse 


Experienced staff to guide car buyers through the customs and shipping process


Experienced in-house personnel for precision loading and delivery


History of successfully shipping high value cargo from multi million dollar cars, helicopters & planes to submarines


Containers with high-security seals to prevent and identify tampering



Reliable partners overseas for easy customs clearance



Optional enclosed transportation within the US to ensure security and minimize risk


Ability to track your shipments online

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