2016 US Car Export Report

Car Shipping between the USA and the Netherlands

We collect, load, insure and ship cars overseas.

We help consumers move to the Netherlands or simply relocate their vehicles there. We also work with hundreds of dealers to move a large number of cars, especially classic cars, between the United States and the Netherlands. We handle everything in house, from picking up your vehicles, to loading, clearing customs and finally shipping the car to your door. 
The Netherlands is one of the largest importer of cars from the United States. Each year, over 12,000 cars are loaded into containers in the US and shipped to ports in the Netherlands. Due to tax breaks on cars over 30 years old, the majority of cars being imported to the Netherlands are classic cars.

Rates on Car Shipping to the Netherlands

Shipping a car from the United States to the Netherlands is surprisingly affordable. Rates range from $900 when shipping out of New York, and $1,300 when shipping from California. The port of Rotterdam is one of the cheapest ports in Europe to ship cars to.

Delivery takes 12 days from the East Coast, and 30 days from the West.

If you have a modern car which runs and drives, you can get a quote on Roll on/Roll off which may give you a cheaper rate on shipping. For a quicker method of moving your car to the Netherlands, ship via Air Freight.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!


Safe and Secure Car Handling

Our expert shipping team consists of in-house loaders who specialize in safely and securely loading and unloading classic cars during their journey overseas. We do not outsource our loading to anyone but our trusted team.

Locations on Both US Coasts

Strategically placed shipping facilities provide secure points of car export and import on the East and West Coast. Which lowers local and international car shipping costs and transit times. Secure indoor storage for your vehicles is also available.

Turn Key Delivery

We pickup and deliver classic cars door to door, around the world. Everything from pickup, loading, shipping, delivery and customs clearance can be arranged. Relax, and enjoy the trip.

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Instant Rates

Our online rate calculator allows you to view current rates for shipping vehicles, boats, motorcycles and pallets anytime, anywhere. It can even calculate the cost of ground transportation from anywhere in the US.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether you are looking to ship one car or 20, we will find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our team will be there to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

Netherlands Destination Charges

Before shipping your car to the Netherlands, you should take into account the destination costs. They can include unloading charges, customs clearance, and local port fees in Rotterdam. The destination charges are usually around $600 per car. If you would like to have your car delivered to your door or to any location in Europe, we would be happy to provide a quote. 

We recommend you contact us for an exact quote on destination charges because they vary depending on the condition of the car or motorcycle.

Netherlands Car Import Tax

Along with Germany, the Netherlands is one of the largest importers of classic cars due to the lower import taxes on cars over 30 years old. For classic cars you pay just 6% import duty, and 10% VAT. As of 2016, the import duty on cars under 30 years old is 10%, plus 10% VAT. 

However if you are permanently moving to the Netherlands you are able to completely avoid paying the import duties on the car. Requirements are as follows: you must have lived outside of the EU for the past 12 months, and you must have purchased the car in the US, paid sales tax and driven the car for the past 6 months. 

If you would like to know more, please visit the Netherlands Customs Tax and Customs Administration website.

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Vehicle Shipping Options

You have three options of shipping a car to the Netherlands from the US.

1. Container
Shipping in a container provides the most flexibility and allows you to ship up to 4 cars in one container. It also gives you the ability to ship parts and household goods with your cars. We ship containers from both US coasts on a weekly basis and offer consolidation services, allowing you to ship 1 to 4 cars at a great rate. The cost for shipping 1 car in a container to Rotterdam ranges from $900 to $1,300.
To get current rates on container shipping to the Netherlands view our car shipping calculator above.
2. Roll on/Roll off (RoRo)
RoRo shipping may be the cheapest shipping option when moving cars from the USA to the Netherlands. However, your car must run and drive and you cannot load anything else with the vehicle. Be aware that not all ports in the US and the Netherlands support RoRo shipping. 
3. Air Freight

Shipping by Air is the best option for those who want their vehicle to arrive as soon as possible. However, prices start at $3,000 to over $15,000 per car, making it one of the most expensive shipping options. The cost depends on the size of the vehicle, as well as the airline and flight route. You also cannot ship any other goods with the vehicle. 

Get a rate on shipping your car to the Netherlands by air here.

Shipping Insurance

When shipping anything overseas, insurance is always an option. It is calculated based on the vehicle's value. 

Contact us to get a quote on insurance.

Disclaimer: We only provide the ground & ocean transportation service. Customer will be responsible for import & unloading fees when the car arrives at the destination port overseas. Insurance is optional.