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If it is your first time shipping your vehicle to the port, you may not know that there are numerous ways of having your classic car transported. Their is the option of having it go on an open carrier and an enclosed carrier. Now you can probably picture the difference between the two already. The open carrier, which you have seen plenty of times on the highways, are completely open to the elements, and they are loaded as tightly as possible along with other cars. As you can imagine, this won't be the top choice of someone transporting their pristine classic, but it is the cheapest option - saving up to 50% on the cost of moving your car to the port. 

Now for the enclosed carriers, they come in a variety of configurations. There are single car carriers, which are enclosed trailers capable of carrying a single vehicle, along with some extra tires and parts. Single carriers are the most expensive option considering they only car your car, and are unable to fit other vehicles. But they are the quickest option when you want to get your classic car to the port as quickly as possible because the driver will not be making any extra stops dropping off and picking up other vehicles. 


There are also the enclosed multi-car carriers which are capable of carrying anywhere from 2 to 6 cars in a single enclosed trailer! It is the option to choose when shipping numerous classic cars for export. Enclosed trucks operate along numerous routes, and can pickup and drop off cars at different locations along the way. However, they will not be able to fit any of your extra parts or tires.