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Shipping cars to Saudi arabia since 2007

Ship your car to Saudi Arabia with West Coast Shipping, a US based car shipper with over 15 years of experience in shipping cars to the Middle East. We are one of the largest car shipping companies in the US, with locations in California, New Jersey and Florida. We handle ground transportation, vehicle documentation, export and import clearance, and shipping overseas by container and air freight.

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Ship Your Car to Saudi Arabia

We work with customers to ship personal vehicles when moving to Saudi Arabia due to work, school, or family matters.

We offer car shipping to the port of Dammam in 20ft and 40ft containers. 

If you need us to pick up the vehicle we can arrange the delivery from any state within the USA. 

The inland rate will depend on the distance from Linden, NJ. 

As a reminder, the rate is good to the port of arrival. You will be subject to destination charges like port charges in Saudi Arabia, customs, clearance, handling fees, and unloading charges. 

Also, the Saudi government will charge 5% of the value of the vehicle for import taxes as well as 15% VAT. The government of Saudi Arabia allows the import of small vehicles, buses, and light transport vehicles up to 3.5 tons or less. The vehicle must not exceed five years. The calculation is in descending order with the exception of the current year. Vehicles 30 years and older are allowed for import.

Diplomats and students abroad should read additional information here

Excludes the identification of diplomatic models and students who are expelled abroad within the limits of one vehicle during the period of his / her condition, provided that no more than two cars per year are required in the vehicle whose age exceeds 5 years:

  • If the model of the vehicle is allowed to be imported, the date of purchase.
  • If it is proven that the vehicle was purchased before applying the prevention system, i.e. before the date of 15/6/1430 AH.



Vehicle documentation:

  • Original vehicle title
  • Bill of sale

International residents:

US citizens:



We accept wire transfers, checks, and ban deposits only. Read more about banking fees when paying from overseas.

We do not accept credit card payments.

Car Import Laws In Saudi Arabia

Every citizen from the Gulf countries is allowed to import two vehicles in one year (12 months). Documents needed to import a vehicle:

  • Title or Certificate of Origin
  • Identification from one of the Gulf countries
  • Proof of payment
Prohibited vehicles:
  • Salvage vehicles due to flooding, accident, fire, overturning or damage to structure of the vehicle. 
  • Taxis
  • Police cars
  • Vehicles with logos related to school transport or the like
  • Steering that has been modified from right to left
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Armored vehicles
  • Vehicles whose chassis number has been tampered with

Further information can be found on the Saudi Embassy website as well as the Saudi Arabia Customs website.

At The Destination

Below delivery charges are only for Dammam city limits, if delivery location change then below delivery charges will not be applicable.

Below delivery charges are only for Dammam city limits, if delivery location change then below delivery charges will not be applicable.

  • Import Customs Clearance USD. 250.00 per vehicle.
  • Documentation Charges USD. 50.00 per setoff documents.
  • Labor Charges USD. 50.00 per vehicle.
  • Import Registration Charges USD. 200.00 per vehicle.
  • Vehicle destuffing Charges USD. 250.00 per vehicle.
  • Transportation Charges USD. 225.00 per container from DMM seaport to Our Terminal.
  • Transportation Charges USD. 335.00 per vehicle from our Terminal to Dammam City Limits.

All above charges are excluding VAT 15% and Customs Duty.

All official charges from port and shipping line will be as per actual receipts.

Note: Customs duty will be approximately 20% to 30%, vehicle value will be estimated by customs authorities. All official charges from port, customs and shipping line consignee have to pay directly to the authorities.

Import Tax

As of 2023, the customs duty on importing cars to Saudi Arabia is 5%. For trucks it is 10%. Please note that no vehicles over five years old can be imported into the country. Classic cars over 30 years old can be imported as vintage cars. Contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that local laws in Saudi Arabia tend to change, and while we do our best to keep this page updated, you may want to visit the Saudi Arabia Customs website for up to date information on car import duties.

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Import Cars From Saudi Arabia

We also accept car imports to the USA from Saudi Arabia


Documents Required for Export

When shipping anything out of the United States you are required to clear US customs. The process involves submitting the following documents:

We submit paperwork on your behalf and work with US customs to ensure all documentation is correctly completed and cleared.

car shipping from the USA to Belgium

Shipping Options


By using a container for shipping, we can load anywhere from 1 to 6 cars (depending on size), the vehicles can either run and drive, or be project cars. We offer consolidation when shipping to the port, saving you money by shipping your vehicles along with other cars in the same container. When shipping high-value vehicles, we can load them in their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft containers.


Shipping via Roll-on/Roll-off is another option when shipping cars overseas. However, unlike with containarized car shipping, you cannot ship anything inside of your vehicle, and the car be in run and drive condition to be able to drive on and off the ship. The ports which support RoRo vary widely, and so do the rates.


If you require your vehicle overseas as quickly as possible, we recommend shipping the car via Air-Freight service. Compared to lengthy shipping times and possible port delays when shipping in a container or via RoRo, shipping your car by Air is the quickest shipping options. Transit time is estimated at around 3 to 10 days, depending on the documentation and customs requirements.


Motorcycle Shipping Overseas
How Motorcycles Are Shipped Overseas

Motorcycles are a popular import from the US, and most customers use a container. You can fit up to 8 motorcycles in a 20ft container and up to 16 in a 40ft container. They are securely strapped and braced. This makes it the perfect solution for wholesale buyers and dealers. Use the shipping calculator on this page to get a quote, or contact us.

Another option is shipping your motorcycle via air freight to any international airport. It's a more expensive option, and it requires a custom crate to be built around the bike. However, air freight will minimize transit time.


Dream Cars Delivered Worldwide

Leading dealerships, auctions, museums and events ship their vehicles, motorcycles, and special projects around the world with West Coast Shipping. We have the expertise to handle them all.

About Us

We pride ourselves in safe and reliable international car shipping for consumers, dealers, collectors, and wholesalers around the world. We speak English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, & Spanish.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!"



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