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Ship your car to Jordan with West Coast Shipping, a US based car shipper with a decade of experience on shipping cars to the Middle East. We are one of the largest car shipping companies in the US, with locations in California and New Jersey. We handle ground transportation, vehicle documentation, export and import clearance, and shipping overseas by container, air-freight, and roll-on/roll-off.

Get an instant quote to ship your car to Jordan by using our shipping calculator.

Ship Your Car to Jordan

Ship your car with West Coast Shipping to Jordan using our international shipping expertise. We ship cars, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, parts, and household goods in Containers, via RoRo and Air Freight. Jordan is the 3rd most popular destination in the Middle East for US cars, with over 15,000 used cars shipped in container in 2015. 

Our specialty includes local vehicle collection, loading, and shipping from both US coasts. We have loading and storage facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida. Containers shipped to Jordan arrive in the port of Aqaba. 

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Rates on international car shipping to Jordan vary based on the number of vehicles being shipped and the pickup location. Consolidated car shipping will be the cheapest option, allowing you to ship your car from California to Jordan for as little as $1,100. Keep in mind that this cost does not include collecting the vehicle, you are responsible for delivering it to our California storage and loading facilities yourself. The rates also does not include destination charges in Jordan, which can include local import duties, unloading charges, and local registration. 

To get a current rate on collection from any US location, with loading and shipping to Jordan in a consolidated container, or a dedicated 20 or 40ft container, use the instant car shipping calculator above.

Electric Car Imports To Jordan

With the Jordanian government exempting electric and hybrid cars from customs fees, general sales tax and special tax. They also began offering further tax breaks in order to motivate buyers to trade in older cars towards newer, environmentally friendly hybrid and electric vehicles.

About Jordan

Aqaba is a Jordanian port city on the Red Sea's Gulf of Aqaba. Inhabited since 4000 B.C., it's home to the Islamic-era Aqaba Fort. Its beach resorts are popular for windsurfing and other water sports, and the area is a top destination for scuba divers, with notable dive sites including the Yamanieh coral reef in the Aqaba Marine Park, south of the city.

For Emission Laws contact Bureau Veritas: 
Tel:        +962 6 5814044/45 
Email:     jordan@bureauveritas.com

Customs in Jordan, USA products are inspected by the government meticulously. We recommend hiring an agent in Jordan who can assist with the import process and can provide guidance on the import process.

By hiring an agent you will be able to have a piece of mind as they can assist you with different services, which we recommend to hire a professional to handle. Here are some of the services the agent overseas can assist you with:

  • Help with the import process
  • Guide with the taxes that need to be paid
  • Unloading of the vehicle from the container
  • Releasing your car once it’s ready for pick up
  • They can also deliver your car to the final destination
  • Conversion
  • Homologation 

Duties based on the CIF Value:

  • 16% sales tax
  • 2% income tax

Requirements in Jordan

  • Title
  • Invoice/Bill of sale with proof of payment
  • Registration
  • Import declaration

Personal use, the car must be five years old or less.
Business no restriction on the year.



Vehicle documentation:

  • Original vehicle title
  • Bill of sale

International residents:

US citizens:



We accept wire transfers, checks, and ban deposits only. Read more about banking fees when paying from overseas.

We do not accept credit card payments.

Report icon   2018 US Car Export Report

Shipping a Vehicle to Aqaba Jordan from Manheim Auction

Shipping a vehicle across the globe can seem like a difficult task. However, if you can get a good enough deal on the car through an auction such as Manheim Automotive Services, then the discounted price will be worth the additional effort to have the automobile transported overseas.

Manheim Auctions

Manheim Automotive Services is the largest and highest volume wholesale automobile auction company in the world. They are a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc., and provide services including financing, title work, transportation, recovery, auto body repair, dealership management systems, dent repair and remarketing technology. They are renowned for using online tools to connect buyers and sellers around the globe.

Basic Tips for Shipping a Car to Aqaba, Jordan

1. Make sure you have proper documentation.
2. Keep all of your records neat and organized.
3. Checkout citizenship requirements.
4. Use caution selecting an auto shipping company.
5. Research car transporters before calling for quotes.
6. Always ask about insurance.
7. Carefully coordinate drop off and pick up plans for the vehicle.
8. Make sure the seller prepares the vehicle for international shipping.
9. Keep lines of communication open between transporter and auctioneer.
10. Get an agreement, and price estimate in writing.

Finding a Quality Automobile Transporter

For some one transporting a vehicle overseas for the first time, finding a car shipping company can be very intimidating. However, by taking the time to organize a list of questions before you call any automobile transporters you can easily find a company to accommodate your shipping needs. Here are a few questions to consider asking:

1. What is your web address?
2. What type of insurance do you offer?
3. What are your standard rates?
4. Are you licensed with Federal Maritime Commission?
5. Do you have any discounts or promotions available?

About Aqaba, Jordan

According to Wikipedia, Aqaba is a coastal town in the far south of Jordan. It is the capital of Aqaba Governorate. Aqaba is strategically important to Jordan as it is the country’s only seaport. The town borders Eilat, Israel, and there is a border post where it is possible to cross between the two countries (see Wadi Araba Crossing). Both Aqaba and Eilat are at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba. The town is best known today as a diving and beach resort. However, industrial activity remains important to the area, and the town is an exporter of phosphate and some shells. The town is also an important administrative center within the far south of Jordan.

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Import Cars From Jordan

We also accept car imports to the USA from Jordan.


Documents Required for Export

Shipping your car from the United States requires the clearance of US customs. This step requires a few documents to be submitted to prove to the US government that you own the car. Here are the documents required:

  • Bill of Sale for the vehicle

  • Original Vehicle Title - if it currently has a lien on it, you must also provide a lien release letter

  • Power of Attorney form

  • Completed online shipping form

  • Copy of Passport (if you are an international citizen without a US passport)

  • Copy of EIN letter if you are a US citizen

Contact us if you have any questions about the documents required to ship your car overseas to Georgia.

car shipping from the USA to Belgium

Shipping Options


By using a container for shipping, we can load anywhere from 1 to 6 cars (depending on size), the vehicles can either run and drive, or be project cars. We offer consolidation when shipping to the port, saving you money by shipping your vehicles along with other cars in the same container. When shipping high-value vehicles, we can load them in their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft containers.


Shipping via Roll-on/Roll-off is another option when shipping cars overseas. However, unlike with containarized car shipping, you cannot ship anything inside of your vehicle, and the car be in run and drive condition to be able to drive on and off the ship. The ports which support RoRo vary widely, and so do the rates.


If you require your vehicle overseas as quickly as possible, we recommend shipping the car via Air-Freight service. Compared to lengthy shipping times and possible port delays when shipping in a container or via RoRo, shipping your car by Air is the quickest shipping options. Transit time is estimated at around 3 to 10 days, depending on the documentation and customs requirements.


Motorcycle Shipping Overseas
How Motorcycles Are Shipped Overseas

Motorcycles are a popular import from the US, and most customers use a container. You can fit up to 8 motorcycles in a 20ft container and up to 16 in a 40ft container. They are securely strapped and braced. This makes it the perfect solution for wholesale buyers and dealers. Use the shipping calculator on this page to get a quote, or contact us.

Another option is shipping your motorcycle via air freight to any international airport. It's a more expensive option, and it requires a custom crate to be built around the bike. However, air freight will minimize transit time.


Dream Cars Delivered Worldwide

Leading dealerships, auctions, museums and events ship their vehicles, motorcycles, and special projects around the world with West Coast Shipping. We have the expertise to handle them all.

About Us

We pride ourselves in safe and reliable international car shipping for consumers, dealers, collectors, and wholesalers around the world. We speak English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, & Spanish.

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"Professional service at unbeatable prices. We have tried WCS with a number of cars from NJ and CA to Bremerhaven and we are happy with the results. They handled our classic cars with care and responded rapidly to any of our emails. All together they offer a great service!"



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